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Posted 3/19/09
“Episode II″ to start off Lee Jun Ki’s world tour | 09.03.03

We know Lee Jun Ki (Iljimae) can sing, but he’s taking that one step further to embark on a “world tour,” which kicks off next month.

It’s actually more like a halfway point between a concert and a fan meeting, described as a “large-scale fan concert.” The tour is still in the planning stages, but one management rep explained that it will take place in the second half of this year. This “Episode II″ concert on April 18 will mark the opening of the tour (”Episode I″ was a fan concert given in May 2006), and promises to “upgrade” from the first installment with new songs, dances, and events.

Lee Jun Ki is currently practicing his singing and dancing for the concert; “Episode I″ pulled in 12,000 fans, so we can probably expect a greater turnout for this second installment.

Via Now News

Source: Credits to Dramabeans (by Javabeans)
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Posted 3/19/09 , edited 3/19/09
Lee Jun-ki Plans a U.S. Tour | 2009.03.06

Actor Lee Jun-ki plans to go on a U.S. tour in the latter half of this year, following the ones in China, Thailand, Japan, and Hong Kong. Lee’s agency says that a detailed schedule is being worked out now and it’s coordinating the event so that his overseas activities wouldn’t be in conflict with his domestic ones.

Known for his amazing acting performance in the film “King and the Clown” and dramas “My Girl” and “Iljimae,” Lee has his own fan clubs in China, Thailand, Indonesia, and other countries. When he was in Indonesia for some volunteer work recently, the international airport there was paralyzed with Lee’s screaming fans. His immense popularity overseas has motivated his agency to host a world tour.

Lee has a fan concert planned for April 18 at the Olympic Park in Seoul. The concert titled “Episode 2” will be the foundation for his world tour. Meanwhile, he has left for Thailand on Thursday to model for Korean designer Andre Kim in a fashion show celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Korea-Thailand relations.

Credit : KBS World
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Posted 3/19/09
Lee Jun Ki in Andre Kim Fashion Show Press Conference | 2009.03.06

Today, March 6th in the morning in Bangkok Thailand, ZEN department store, Andre Kim Fashion Fantasia in Bangkok Press Conference. Lee Jun Ki as the main model representing South Korea. Fashion Show will be held on March 7th.

Source & credits to: yonhap

Andre Kim, Fashion Show in Thailand Final Rehearsal | 2009.03.07

At the Convention Center, Central World in Bangkok, Thailand on March 7th, 'Andre Kim Fashion Fantasia in Bangkok' final rehearsal. Standing on the stage, on the left his model, actor Lee Jun Ki, the center May Pitchanart and right Andre Kim.

Source & credits to: yonhap
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Posted 3/19/09
Andre Kim Dazzles Bangkok Fans | 2009.03.09

Korean top designer Andre Kim, right, smiles as actor Lee Jun-ki, left, appears as the main model with Thai star May Pitchanart at ``Andre Kim Fashion Art Fantasia,'' which took place at the Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Center, Saturday./ Yonhap

By Han Sang-hee

BANGKOK ― Korean top designer Andre Kim's fashion debut in Bangkok, Thailand, Saturday proved that he still had the elegant touch he has been pursuing for the past 47 years.

``Andre Kim Fashion Art Fantasia,'' which took place at the Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Center, was held to commemorate the friendship between the two countries and celebrate the 50th anniversary of Korea-Thailand diplomatic relations.

``It's a great honor to be here. When I first visited Bangkok, the Kingdom of Thailand, it was in 1966, 43 years ago. I dreamed (that) in the future, I would like to present a fashion show and finally it is the day,'' Andre Kim said during a press conference before the event, with the venue packed with some 100 Thai reporters and photographers.

Prominent figures, including Her Royal Highness Princess Som Sawalee and some 1,000 guests were present, with fans of actor Lee Jun-ki, who appeared as the main model, lined up outside the center to get a glimpse of the star.

Kim's Spring/Summer collection was presented under six different themes ― 2010 World Festival for Spring and Summer in Bangkok, Unforgettable Romanticism and Poetic Dream, Everlasting Glory for Kingdom of Thailand, Korea The Tales about Land of Morning Calm, Seven Veils Legend of Orient and My Love of Eternity in Shangri-La.

Singers Oh Jong-hyuk and Evan Yu and local star May Pitchanart appeared as models along with the ``King and the Clown'' (2005) star Lee at the show, which displayed a unique collection of traditional and futuristic elements.

White, gold, bright orange, fuschia, turquoise, purple, neon pink and red colored dresses made their way across the catwalk, with some 170 creations greeting Bangkok fans for the first time.

The show started with models strutting the simple white runway dressed in pure white gowns with Kim's signature gold and silver flowery embroideries. With small white pieces of paper floating like flower petals, the models displayed elegant gowns and even short bubbly skirts with matching tights and gold and silver high-heeled sandals.

The second stage offered flowing, light pink dresses with sparkling embroidery and lace trains. The short yet graceful pink dresses resembled ballet tutus, and the models strut Kim's work with grace and dignity. The male models were charismatic in their simple yet stylish suits, some with colorful embroideries like the dresses, and others with pinstripes and even bow ties. With fans reacting whenever Lee appeared on the runway, the Korean actor was poised and graceful, taking every step carefully and successfully escorting Pitchanart from start to finish.

Another hallmark stage was the Everlasting Glory for Kingdom of Thailand, with models appearing in colorful Thai silk recreated as elegant dresses. The Seven Veils Legend of Orient stage offered Kim's staple piece: a lone model on the runway, wearing seven different colored robes. She took them off one by one, finally revealing a pink gown. The model then turned around and walked back, elegantly collecting the seven robes along the way.

The finale had models strutting with fabulous wedding gowns and the two main models, Lee and Pitchanart, bidding farewell to guests with their last walk as a couple.

Guests applauded enthusiastically when the show was finished, hinting that Kim's show was indeed memorable. Lee's popularity proved that hallyu, or the Korean wave, was still alive in Bangkok.

``The Thai people are very interested in fashion, including clothes, accessories and furniture. Korean actor Lee is also famous for his dramas and popular because he is smart and handsome,'' Sareporn Laovanijya from the Khom Chat Reuk, a Bangkok daily, told The Korea Times.

With fans and fashion lovers taking photos and reaching out to get a glimpse of the famous Korean designer and the handsome actor, Andre Kim Fashion Art Fantasia proved to be yet another success at one of the world's most exotic places.

Kim has made headlines for his unique approach to fashions show, including many world firsts, such as one in front of Egypt's pyramids and at Angkor Wat, in Cambodia. He is the first Korean designer to present his work in Bangkok and is also active in creating cosmetics, bicycles and even electronic goods.

Source & credits to: koreatimes
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Posted 3/19/09 , edited 3/19/09
Lee Junki in Andre Kim’s Fashion Show | 2009.03.10

The fashion guru Andre Kim included hot commodity Lee Junki in his Fashion Fantasia in Bangkok, Thailand on March 7th. Lee Junki looks like a snow prince from Chronicles of Narnia. How charming! Like a vampire snow prince.

Of course the show was a success and everyone praised his mix of classic beauty and modern design. This show also demonstrated the good relations between Thailand and Korea. Yay!

Many thanks to Boy About Bangkok for this eyeful of fantasy wonderland show.

Source & credits to: allkpop
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Posted 3/19/09 , edited 3/19/09
For you... For us.. for my lovely fans.

credits to: LeeJunKiBaidu
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Posted 3/19/09
'Hallyu Star Lee Jun Ki Fan Meeting' will be crowded on April 18th | 2009.3.18

Estimated 3500 people from Southeast Asia to attend the fan meeting.

'Lee Jun Ki Special (Special)' all.

'Hallyu star Lee Jun Ki's fan website consists of the U.S, China, Japan, Southeast Asia is entering a large audience of 3500 people. Lee Jun kI's official fan website "Lee Jun Fan 2000 people in China, Japan, 1000 people, 500 people in Southeast Asian countries arrived in the fan," he said.

credits to: Sports Chosun
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Posted 3/28/09 , edited 4/1/09
(Click to See Magazine)

Lee Jun Ki's Diary in Jakarta / Instyle Magazine - April 2009, Korea | 2009.03.31

In Style Issue 4 from (Korea)

Lee Jun pursuit of happiness
In order to leave behind good memories for the 3 siblings living in Jakarta, Lee Jun Ki and tvN filming crew left for Jakarta.
From his own personal journals, jotting down real life story that moves our hearts.

This campaign must make them happy, to bring hope to them, therefore must meet them face to face. However my behaviour might cause some harm or increases their burdens. So upon receiving the case, I thought about it for a long time.

But "Good Neighbours" explained to me and seeing the photos of the 3 siblings, I made the decision to see them.
On the day of departure, the thought that I would see them soon made my heart beat faster. With an excited mood and together with Sunbae Kim Ha Neul and the tvN family, we got on the plane. Bound for our destination..Jakarta.

Day 1: Our arrival

Today would meet eldest child Viky, 2nd child Dimas, 3rd sister Puteri and grandmother. Once our car appeared, the village bustled with activity. Meeting the brothers and sister, I happily greeted them in the bahasa Indonesia which I just learnt that morning. The children's faces lit up with smiles and they were shy and hid from us.
After using my limited bahasa Indonesia to greet the whole family, together with Sunbae Kim Ha Neul, we got down to planning.

First of all, we cleared the garbage lying around and then gathered the wet clothes. Sunbae Kim took charge of the laundry washing while I fetched water. After toiling in the heat and finishing the washing of clothes, we discovered that the pole for clothes hanging was unable to support, due to years of was of no use. Picked up a few pieces of bricks and while using them to hammer the nails in, I decided that before leaving, I must make a laundry stand for them.

After our chores, we chatted with the children inside the house. At the mention of the word "parents", Puteri's eyes welled up with tears. Sunbae Kim and I were heart-broken. These kids cannot not even remember clearly their parents' looks, faced with their inner deep turmoil, we felt helpless. Therefore I made a decision. Even though lacking of time, please let me compensate the children with affection that is absent.

In the afternoon, we had to prepare dinner for the children. Sunbae Kim prepared barbecued meat and I fried noodles. Turned out that the children loved eating the meat, it was gone instantly. And my fried noodles were neglected. (My fried noodles were the local specialty ! )
Without realising it, our first day in Jakarta had ended.

Day 2: Sister and brothers' daily lives.

February 13, 2009

Today is fumigation work, we had to get rid of the insects around the house. Covering up my mouth and a heavy fumigation machine strapped on, I worked my way from their house and around the village. The final task was a difficult one, how to mend the leaks inside the house.

It was troublesome because we needed to seek and obtain approval first. And a lot of repair was needed in many places. Even before repair could commence, there were problems. After discussions with the association and our team, I immediately rolled up my sleeves and pants, started to carry out the task. Filled up the holes in the ceiling and flooring, then distributed the school materials to the children.

After completing most of the repair job, I became a photographer and took photos of the 3 siblings and other children. To be used as future reference in order to render assistance. Today's shooting was to capture the children's innocence while they were playing. Only using the lens to film, no editing would be done.

Walking about in the village and in order to capture the children's happy images, I pressed the shutter non-stop. When I think that my photos would bring hope and changes to the children, I was filled with energy.

Our last itinerary on our 2nd day was to visit the children's school. Using the fans' kind
donations, we set up a computer room in Viky's and Dimas' names. (My fans, I really thank all of you)

Day 3: Fragile strength to live because of love.

Sunbae Kim and I started work very early. Haircuts for the children of the village, making jeans for the sister and 2 brothers. Sunbae Kim gave them the "Lee Jun Ki" haircut. I was responsible for their styling and making them handsome. We had a happy time with the children.

After haircuts, we went for a camping trip. The kids carefully packed their new clothes in the bags, laughing happily. Only 3rd child was not showing us her joy. I was worried about this child, so I asked the people who knows about her situation. It turned out that Puteri was adopted when she was very young, and suffered abuses at a tender age. My heart sank, when I recalled that to hear her voice and see her smiles, I used wicked tactics. It was too much. Puteri, I am sorry. But you must be strong, there are still kind people in this world.

At the camp, we ate delicious food and played with the children. Sensing that I had become closer to the kids, I was in a better mood. Especially Dimas, who had the team worker's camera and was constantly taking pictures.

Because our presence brought hope to these children..or maybe like Dimas who wants to be a photographer...we sowed the seeds of hope for them. It was really a wonderful feeling.

Seemed that I became a father bathing the children. Could be they were tired after playing, they fell asleep.

Day 4: Leaving behind good memories

The children said before, that they wanted to go swimming. Luckily there was a swimming pool, and everyone was thrilled. In order for the children to swim longer, I purposely got up early. Not eating breakfast, I gathered the kids and let them enter the water.

I had thought that because they love swimming, their skills must be good. It so happened that once in the water, the children were afraid..really cute.
To have a chance to play in the swimming pool, they must have felt like being in the blue sea.

Today Sunbae Kim and I taught the children how to swim. To use legs to splash around, non-stop activity.

After lunch, everyone went to the zoo (safari). Being the first time at the zoo with family, the children's happy laughter was heard. There were many animals that Sunbae Kim and I had seen for the first time. In the end, we were more excited than the children, happily looking here and there.

The time spent at the zoo, we were like kids back into our childhood days. We felt close bonding with the children.

Day 5: Parting after 6 days and 5 nights

On our last day, we organized sports' day with the school children. During the games, I played till I was perspiring. I became the young and mischievous Lee Jun Ki in childhood, playing together with all the children.

I also thank the Indonesian fan club for sending along 150 packets of food to the children. To express my appreciation, I rolled up my sleeves and personally helped to distribute every packet to the children.

It was Korean language lesson in the classroom at noon. The kids are clever, managing well with the tough Korean language. Imitating the actions, the classroom was filled with bursts of delighted laughter.

All good things must come to an end, it was time to leave. Saying goodbye was the most cruel moment after the past few days. Everyone was very sad. To give good memories of the unforgettable time, I took pictures of us and them. And we exchanged photos for remembrance.

One by one started to cry silently, finally everyone could not help but weep. Knowing we were leaving, the children hugged me and cried. I cried as I handed them a letter. Till now I am still unable to put down in words what I wrote.

Living our lives in our own individual space, I learned a lot having spent time here. They promised to take care of the children and so I went to say goodbye to grandma. Grandma was sad and she cried.
Going through this eventual parting of ways, I felt helpless. Spending this period of time with the kids, to me it was not a hand-out. In fact, it allows me to clearly know that while we enjoy luxurious things, we have lost something essential.

Hoping that if we meet again, I can still see your innocent cute smiling faces. Hoping that we can exchange warm hugs.
Lastly, I wish that you will maintain the honest and sincere hearts and must grow up healthily and happily.
Thank you, I love you.

In Style 4月号(韓国)より



DAY 1 いよいよ到着!



DAY 2 3姉弟の日常生活の中に

大々的な保守工事を終えた後 僕は写真作家に変身した。


DAY 3 愛のため小さな手助け

キム先輩は<リトル イ・ジュンギ>をコンセプトにしてカットをして、


DAY 4 1枚の思い出作り

昼食を終えて動物を見るためにサファリ ツアーもした。

DAY 5 5泊6日の日程を後にして






credits to: leejunki-singapore, Subbing Team, JunkiPrima120
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Posted 3/28/09
Episode II <Message from Jun Ki> | 2009.03.26

We are happy to meet you.
This is Lee Jun Ki.
I will greet you my beloved fans through this video.
Yes - fans will soon know who in many people had enough?
Why do we have such a good time collecting them.
From the last episode to episode 2.
Episode to episode will often wait a lot when I really...
After the concert will be good like that.
Was very late to prepare for the promises.
Many people also work as an actor and a certain amount of time that it wanted to admit to
I can afford some degree of delay of many, the episode led to two people in
, A good time ... a time of happiness ... and let's make happy memories.
Yes ~ ~ This is fun!

D ~ ~ and really prepare enthusiastically.
Whatever great goal and strive to create good memories
Please wait a little bit from the prepared mind.
Episode 2 in question.
Please expect a lot.
Let's play together happily and in the field that day.
Goodbye, until the day we meet. ~ ~ ~


こんにちは !


这次是继episode 1之后,相继推出的episode 2。
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Posted 3/31/09
Lee, set a radical change for the public... 'Cyber Oriental' | 2009.04.01

Photos of Lee Jun Ki's New 2009 CD

Hallyu star Lee Jun Ki is a global paenkonseoteu 'Episode 2' is in the radical transformation of the concept.

The studio was built recently near Lee on the set large private 'Episode 2' finished shooting for music videos. Until now, the music video that you could not see Lee in a radical attempt to change, and Music Video seutilkeot agency said on April 1.

Cyber Oriental 'monghwanjeok to the concept of the video will be available despite an unprecedented feeling of the music video shoot 5 dog configuration were automatically set the stage picture conversion devices that produce a large class of blockbuster films such as Music Video of the born is expected to collect. Lee on August 3, leads to an all-night forced march, and the steady shooting scenes carefully choreographed exercise to monitor the appearance and professionalism that is said off.

SG Wannabe a music video, BoA, FT Island, and directed a music video of the top singer and a sensory youngsangmi and changgamdokyi was recognized for outstanding guseongryeok. Clazziquai changgamdokeun was the debut of Lee's' Sweetie 'unique relationship has worked with music videos.

Changgamdokeun "Lee once again that new challenges to the project and was willing to feel a big attraction," he says, "Music Video shoot explosive performance in the show confirmed the possibility of Lee's other jwoteumyeo, he stars in the field Well beyond Perforce was best, "he praised.

Lee Jun Ki at Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Stadium in 18 days' Episode 2 'to open. Open ticket sales and a 2 car agency at the same time, the record sold sewoteumyeo, at the request of the fans did not save the table to secure a seat was open, and 3 tickets.

credits to: My Daily
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Posted 4/1/09 , edited 4/1/09
Lee Jun Ki's Music Video Teaser for Episode 2 | 2009.04.01

Photos of Lee Jun Ki's new music video specially made to be shown during his 2nd fan meeting for his fans were released to much fanfare today, with his new image becoming a hot topic among his fans. The photos were released by his management, Mentor Entertainment with a representative expressing, "When we filmed the music video, we had setup 5 video cameras around the stage. We also used a stage that could switch to different scene settings automatically and the effects can definitely rival a big budget movie production."

The music video director said, "Lee Jun Ki left a really deep impression on me when he was doing the dance steps during the filming. I think this music video will be a nice surprise for his fans."

Lee Jun Ki's second fan meeting codenamed Episode 2 will be held at the Seoul Olympic Park on 18th April. All 8,000 tickets for this exclusive event were snapped up within 2 minutes of the two sale windows opening, with local and overseas fans "fighting" for a chance to see their idol in person. Because of the response and requests from fans, the organizers are considering adding more seats and opening another sale window.

credits to: Allkpop
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Posted 4/8/09 , edited 4/8/09
Lee Jun Ki, transforming into a singer? An unexpected movie still release. | 2009.04.01

The music video still featuring the exceptional talent of Lee Jun Ki was released.
Recently, Lee Jun Ki made a large scale set in a studio near Gyeonggi-do (somewhere in Korea) and unofficially shot the music video.

The latest music video of the last movie "コ死:血の中間考査" (directly translating as "Death Ko: The Central Assessment of Blood" was directed by Jiang and Kim Jin-Woo also featured Lee Hyori, Rain, and Big Bang.

As for Lee Jun Ki especially, the surprise cut of the music stills made an intense electric shock upon its release. The music video also tried to find an unexpected transformation in Lee Jun Ki which was not apparent until now. This latest work had definitely met fans’ expectations.

Director Jiang conveyed his impression on Lee Jun Ki: “There is a feeling of great charm in the latest project of Lee Jun Ki, which was once again a new challenge for him, and we were both happy with it.
The explosive performance shown in the music video also proved other possibilities in Lee Jun Ki”

Authorized personnel of the company which Lee Jun Ki belongs to, said: “Cyber Oriental" had the concept that the music video will be fantasy-like and largely different from his usual image. But it will be set to be in progress for about 5 months. The music video will be created like a movie.”

On the other hand, Lee Jun Ki waited for hours without any clue to shooting all night continuously for 3 days. As if it was not tiring enough for him, he had been practicing in his free-time under the monitors of the shooting site. Indeed he is really a professional.

Japanese Version

credits to: JunkiPrima120
Japanese to English Translations by: Yu Sama of Lee Jun-ki Crunchyroll Fan Group
Lee Jun-ki Crunchyroll Fan Group
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Posted 4/8/09 , edited 4/8/09
4,000 Lee Jun-ki tickets sold out in 2 minutes | 2009.04.01

Actor Lee Jun-ki has seen the first portion of tickets for his fan meeting–scheduled to be held at the Olympic Park in Seoul on April 18–sold out in only two minutes after sales opened, according to his agency Mentor Entertainment on Friday.

“We first put some 4,000 of a total of 8,000 tickets up for sale on his fan cafes and official foreign-language site exclusively for members of his fan clubs and overseas fans, and they were sold out in just two minutes,” the agency said. “The foreign language site even went down at one point due to heavy traffic, with fans from all over Asia accessing it.”

Mentor Entertainment said that it decided to sell the tickets in two rounds to give both local and overseas fans of the actor equal opportunities to buy a ticket and facilitate sales. The second round opened on the online ticket site Interpark on Friday.

The agency added, “We have had lots of calls asking about the fan meeting even from Thailand and Arab nations, as well as China and Japan. So, we are planning to hire some translators for each language for the event.”

credits to:


Lee Jun Ki's tickets sold out in 2 Minutes | 2009.04.01

My Girl’s actor Lee Jun Ki from South Korea never drops his charm and popularity. Latest news from Mentor Entertainment informed us about his next fan meeting at Olympics Stadium on April 18th 2009, that the ticket reservation made Lee Jun Ki and the firm is officially happy because it sold out in 2 minutes !!!!

Mentor Entertainment said,

“ We divided the ticket for the fan clubs in the country and overseas. First 4,000 tickets from 8,000 tickets have been sold out from websites therefore oversea fan clubs can reserve the ticket easily but unbelievably the ticket sold out in 2 minutes and Lee Jun Ki’s English official website has been collapse because the ticket reservation is overloaded."

Thus, the second time will be different because we have been receiving phone calls from Lee Jun Ki fan clubs such as Thailand, Arab, Emirates, China, Japan asking about the ticket when will be release again. So we decide to sale the first lot of 4,000 tickets again on Friday 3 April from Interpark Website”

We can see that Lee Jun Ki’s popularity never drops for real and the latest news from his modeling said they will make a translation into different languages so that his fan clubs can follow his progress easily.

Thai Version

credits to:
Thai to English Translations by: Stupidsoly of Lee Jun-ki Crunchyroll Fan Group
Lee Jun-ki Crunchyroll Fan Group
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Posted 4/8/09
Lee Jun Ki, in the agency leaked myubi scene, "the truth paakjung" | 2009.04.08

Actor Lee Jun Ki's music video scene to investigate the yuchuldwae agency said.

Lee will be held 18 days of the agency's global fan meeting disclose the scene Music Video on the Internet can not hide yuchuldwae embarrassment.

Lee Jun Ki's fan meeting gimhyeong composer's new song and music video sonjapeun seats and was expected to announce. However, some scenes of music videos taken with strict non-disclosure on the Internet is rapidly spreading to embarrass officials.

Lee, a woman the dark make-up surrounded by dancers in the first 42 songs that the fans and interested in the topic has to be.

Lee's agency said on August 8, "Music Video shot by someone with a path to determine the truth of how we got this leaked" the "scene myubi and recently posted to the Internet, it paenmiting kontimyeo stage to recover the idea that Nolan Xian I've made my heart out, "he said.

He "is Lee recently injured during practice at the wrists and ankles, and this was the" the, "I think all the good luck away," he saving words.

Meanwhile, the Aug. 18 Lee bangyidong Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Stadium concert in the Global Fan 'Episode 2' will be held. Lee's World Tour will start a project the size of the fan and the concert stage, the contents of the configuration, with various special effects, is expected to be paenmitingyi gorgeous.

Korean Version

Using Online Translations!
credits to:


Lee Jun Ki’s Exclusive MV for Episode 2 Leaked | 2009.04.08

Lee Jun Ki who has recorded an exclusive MV for his upcoming fan meeting Episode 2 for his fans, have been dealt with a blow after important scenes from it were leaked onto the internet recently. Jun Ki who was still feeling the effects of an ankle injury suffered on the 5th during rehearsals for his fan meeting, was shocked to see part of his MV appearing on the internet. This has thus disrupted plans for the fan meeting as it was to be shown on that day exclusively. Mentor Entertainment has launched an inquiry as to how it was leaked.

Lee Jun Ki had been working with famed Korean producer, Kim Hyung Suk on this MV which will be shown to fans during his Episode 2 fan meeting on the 18th. But the leak of partial scenes from the MV has disrupted the plan. Despite the blurry looking pictures, the sad thing was that most of the important scenes from the MV have been leaked.

A Mentor Entertainment representative expressed, "It's unfortunate to have so many problems before the fan meeting has even started. But we believe that these are signs that point towards the big success of the fan meeting eventually. But we will still launch an inquiry and will go about it accordingly once the culprit is found out."

Lee Jun Ki's second fan meeting codenamed Episode 2 will be held at the Seoul Olympic Park on 18th April. It's the first stop of his scheduled world tour and thus is highly anticipated by his fans from all corners of the world. All kinds of professional equipment will be utilized to the max in order to bring fans an experience that they will never forget.

credits to: Allkpop
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Posted 4/8/09 , edited 4/10/09
Lee Jun Ki injured during preparation for Fan Concert. | 2009.04.07

While focusing on practicing for the large-scale fan concert, actor Lee Jun Ki obtained an injury in his left ankle in training.

In the morning while practicing for the performance using wire rope, Lee Jun Ki missed the last 5 steps and fell from the air, injuring his left ankle and left hand.

Lee Jun Ki immediately received physical therapy at a nearby hospital, then returned home and took rest. Presently, it is said that he had begun preparing for his performance again.

Lee Jun Ki’s side authorized personnel made clear: “Fortunately Lee Jun Ki’s injury is not serious. The condition of his left ankle seems to be well, but his left wrist is still very swollen.”
He continued that: “It is great that Lee Jun Ki avoided the possibility of obtaining more serious injury thanks to his good sports reflexes.
The staff related would prepare and have more focused training for the performance, also there are great passions, so it would not be a problem.” He added.

Meanwhile, Lee Jun Ki will be holding his global concert [FM Episode 2] on the 18th in the Olympic Park Fencing Stadium.
Lee Jun Ki’s latest fan concert where it is expected to attract some 4000 overseas fans might just be the start of a world tour project.
As for fans, not only can they witness passion on stage and personally see their idol, they can also expect some surprises and exceptional transformations from Lee Jun Ki in this latest Fan Concert.

Japanese Version

credits to: [email protected]
Japanese to English Translations by: Yu_sama of Lee Jun-ki Crunchyroll Fan Group
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