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Do u love or hate dota?
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Posted 9/4/09
Welp, my answer is neither or both for teh following reasons:

1.) I hardly can play with anyone but because this game exists, I can play with some people (yay)
2.) I can't find any other fun custom maps because these DotA maps are flooding in every folder I open
3.) If I'm bored and no game is available (and ish bored to play Skirmish)
4.) It is a good custom map
5.) But boring heroes and repeating stuffs
Posted 9/28/09
Meh, it looks boring, but I've never played it so, I have no opinion. Why am I posting here?
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25 / M / Mystery Island
Posted 10/22/09
Hey.. DotA is so fun... I am feeling sick when I don't play that game even within 1 day...
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26 / M / CDO Misamis Orien...
Posted 10/24/09
I like dota but I am sick of warcraft because it feels so old to me...
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24 / M
Posted 10/28/09
Dota isn't bad, but all the people who get on and yell at beginners are annoying as hell (90 percent of the people who play dota)
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23 / M / In your backyard :D
Posted 10/29/09 , edited 10/29/09
its epicly fun and the basshunter song is full of lulz the best game in my book atm

im also expecting a lot out of League of Legends a game like dota made by the ppl who made dota(icefrog is not included sadly)
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M / California
Posted 10/30/09
Dota is fun, competitive and focuses on teamwork. Many people who attempt to play dota at first finds it horrible because of all the profanity from their teammates but once you start to understand on how to play well u would love the competitiveness. Playing well consist of how u control ur heroes movement, timing spells and watching the minimap then after that you begin to understand how well your teammates play and where they are lacking. If you are capable of doing so, then thats where teamwork comes into play, without having to speak or type messages, u either ping locations or support your teammates leisurely to ensure the safety of ur teammates. When people yell at the noobies the reason why is because the victory of a game depends on how well the team plays together, which noobies tend to not understand at first. You play as a team or lose. Losing is not a problem at all to true dota players, as long as they had a good game playing with their teammates.
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