Post Reply Why do you do these body modifications?
Posted 3/20/09 , edited 3/20/09
OK if you can honestly answer this poll I will be very proud of you!!
Posted 8/4/09
My body is a story of my life and passion
Posted 11/1/09

kimmykins83 wrote:

My body is a story of my life and passion :)

Nice! Thanx for voting Kimmylove!
Posted 11/2/09
I also like it for the pain & pleasure experience aswell as my second choice
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F / Youtube!
Posted 4/10/10
I just feel it's something I can do to add to my appearance.
For example my nostril piercing makes my nose look narrower from the front and it adds a bit of sparkle to my face.

It's also something exciting, and something to focus on. the aftercare takes dedication so it's something to do to occupy my time.

That and i love wearing jewellery. The more places I can wear it the better!!
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