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Post Reply Do you think Takumi and Hachi love each other?
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jay_jay26 wrote:

Nana only choose him because he's the father of her baby. At that time, she really wasn't in love with him. Besides, if she really loved him, why she keeps thinking about Nobu?!

Plus, she only married him because she was so desperate to get married no matter whom. That doesn't mean she loves Takumi; she think she loves him because he's rich, and gave her a nice life.

The story is very clear on that; Nana truly loves Nobu, but she only married Takumi for the sake of her baby. I mean, when you get preggers, that baby becomes #1, and providing him/her with a family is more important than being truly in love.

Takumi really loves her. He's always taking care of Nana, but he has his own way of showing his love to Nana. He did it with other woman (including Layla) because he's a sleazy womanizer, not because he doesn't love Nana. Cheating on somebody doesn't mean you don't love that person. And, if he didn't loved her that much, why he's always so caring with her? At times he can be a little insensitive, but judging by his background and his family, he is the way he is because he had a tough life, and that made him an insensitive person.

Reasons why he loves her more than she loves him?

-Takumi was the first to get closer to Nana.
-When the tour was over, he didn't forget to see Nana.
-Nana thought she was in love with him, but quickly realizes she just like to do him.
-When Nana starts going out with Nobu, he quickly realizes he loves her.If that wasn't the case, why he got all crazy when he found out about Nana's pregnancy? Why he was so eager to take care of her and her baby? Why he got all jealous of Nobu, and yelled at him that Nana was "his girlfriend", and not some other chick? Because he knew he had feelings for her.
-Even if he's the way he is with Nana, he's also very sweet with her.
-The first one who consider getting married was him; Nana actually thought several times ditching him and raisin the kid by herself.
-If for Takumi, his work is #1, then, for Nana, Nana Osaki is #1 too. So, they're even; they have something or someone who comes first.
-Even if Nana says "Is ok, I have Takumi", she always choose Nana Osaki over Takumi most of the time.
-If Nana is so in love with Takumi, why she's always thinking about how things would have been if she had been with Nobu?

Also, Takumi is a aggressive person, so his way of showing his love is not the correct one in our eyes. As an aggressive person myself, I think Takumi is way too nice with Nana. I'd expect him to be more ruthless and tyrannical.
In real life, I went to the psychiatrist to improve my violent behavior, and I've become a more calm person.

wow, i loved your post i enjoyed it a lot but i'm sorry that i can't agree with you at some point.

Well, hachi said to herself that he chose takumi not because of the baby but because at that time takumi was there when she was at loss and didn't know what to do. It was clear that it wasn't for the baby

I remember that time when hachi was thinking of nobu and she said something she never meet anyone so honest with his feelings and that's how she described nobu. She also said something i should have love him...i guessed waht she meant by that was that she should have love nobu more than she love takumi..

During the time when takumi was talking with nobu over the phone she finally understood the meaning of what takumi said to her when they slept together..takumi said something " I want you to be mine, i won't hand you to anyone" I think that time hachi realized that takumi was serious with his words.

i agree with you, that takumi take the first move to get closer to hachi..
not only that he was thinking of her before seeing her and at some point he said that he missess her .

about hachi, although she wants a steady relationship she find takumi being unrealiable guy but you can't blame her she was lonely and it was one of the things that takumi understand about hachi.

what i don't understand about others is that they hated takumi because of what he did to her and that they sympathize hachi. When hachi showed her weakness no one question her actions and i think that is quite unfair.

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