Post Reply [[ ♥ rate the avvie ^ yours ♥ ]]
Posted 3/20/09
The [[ ♥ rate the avvie ^ yours ♥ ]] thread is a game where you rate the avatar.display picture above yours. No, your avatar does not have to be MukuroXChrome or any of the two. This is just one of the many random games that will be featured in this group.


5 - Faaaaaabulous!
4 - Good!
3 - Ok.
2 - Meh...
1 - Ew, where the hell did that come from?

5 is the highest score, and 1 is the lowest, unless some person's avvie is so hideous you JUST have to give it a 0. I hope that never happens.

Good luck!
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