Short Romance Love Story~
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Posted 3/20/09 , edited 3/20/09
If any of you want me to write a certain type of scene with certain vocaloids post it here for idea and message me with full details! Thankies!

EXTRA!: Also if you want a story dedicated to these two tell me and I'll makea group for random stories I'll write k? and you guys can make request stories if you want! I may not be that good f a writer but I'm trying to be one.."

Tip: POV means Point of view as in…your seeing it through their mind and thoughts etc.
Zero kissed Rei lightly on the cheek “I won’t lose!” Rei pouts “I’m serious! Tell me the math answers now!” Rei blushes. “Or what?” Zero grinned, taunting her “OR I’LL SEDUCE YOU!” Reis face turned bright red. “I’d like to see you try” Zero sits down in his chair “I know she wouldn’t” Zero closed his eyes.

While Zero had his eyes closed I untied my school uniform slowly, shaking a little “Keep your eyes closed!” I yelled at him blushing. I removed the shorts under my skirt and went over his leg, laying my private part on his leg. My face was Bright red “GRR! I really don’t wanna do this but if I don’t I’ll have to re-peat a grade and worse, detention all year!” I went closer to him and his eyes opened. I blushed deep red, I saw his eyes widen and him blush like me as well.

“W-what are you doing? Were you serious? I was just kidding” I looked the other way. Rei was my childhood friend, plus I had a crush on her and that wasn’t very good at this moment. “I really want the answers now! Or I’ll-” She thought for a while “KISS YOU!” She got really close to my face. “FINE! Just get off of me!” I was being very tempted to kissing her myself and maybe going further. “Thank you!” she smiled happily and got up, I could see the color of her panties and I began to life. “AHAHA! I can’t believe you still wear those panties!” She’s been wearing strawberry panties since she was five.

I blushed deep red and turned around covering my panties “OH SHUT UP! YOU PERVERT” I went and whined in the corner. HE walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me whispering I love you in my ear. “W-wha!” He pulled me down and he went on top of me “You really shouldn’t have tempted me” he looked serious. He put his soft lips on mine and inserted his tongue in my mouth, I couldn’t refuse him! It was like he knew all my weak points and, and, that I loved him.
(Idk if you guys want me to put all the other stuff > > like the dick and vigina and boobie parts >///< GAH! It makes me blush just written about it..Anyway if you want it, just message me and I’ll send it to you personally.
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Posted 4/6/09
Wow Wow!! I Like it~~~!! Please continue!!
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