(GAME) spell ur name
Posted 3/21/09
What are the letters of ur REAL name and describing

A.Shining amazing student
B.Very smart not racist
C.likes good freinds
D.good kisser
F.Diamond shine
H.in love
J.Perfect teenage
K.Fashion stylin
L.Glowing cutie
M.Rockin gurl
N.Crazy and nice
P.Fall in love one day
Q.Knows about feelings
R.Deserves 1,000,000 dollars!!!!!!!!!!
S.true freind
T.Lucky dog
U.Cheerful love
V.always proud
W.never bored
X.Never gets in trouble
Y.never kicks ass
Z.good person

heres mine

N Crazy and nice
I funny
C likes good freinds
O popular
L Glowing cutie
E sexy
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