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It is not my own story


Disclaimer: I do not own Shugo Chara because if I just happened to there would be NO signs of any KukaiAmu because I hate it and because KukaiYaya make such a better pair!

I hope you enjoy this cute little story I have conducted about the friendship between Kukai and Yaya.

Summary: Learning to play the trombone might prove to be the most difficult thing Kukai has ever done but with a little practice from his closest Guardian friend he might just get it.

b l o w i n g roughly into the mouthpiece of the large instrument before him, Kukai’s face began to turn blue as his lungs began to burn and the only noise emitted was that of a large and very disturbing fart. Tadase looked up from his writing and graced the soccer player with a soft smile. “Nice Souma.” The words seemed to earn the attention of the other two members of the Guardians who all raised a questioning brow at the blond.

“That’s not exactly what I’d call nice.” Nadeshiko stated and Amu tried to stifle back her rising giggle while Kukai removed his lips from his instrument and leaned back in his seat releasing a deep sigh. “It’s that bad huh?” He asked and they all nodded even usually sensitive Tadase. “Maybe a little more practice will do it,” he offered and the two girls raised questioning brows at the blond. “Or a different instrument,” snorting Amu burst into a round of laughter as she threw back her head and allowed her laughter to fill the music room.

Even the charas seemed to find the discussion amusing all except Kukai that was. Pouting slightly, he tightened his grip on his instrument and brought it up to his lips just as Nadeshiko stared around the room. “Where is Yaya? She’s late.” Kukai shrugged as Amu sat up straighter, “I think she had detention or something…I just know that she was really upset.” Grinning, Kukai stared at all those gathered, “look at it this way…less noise.” No one could argue against that as Kukai once again began to grace the music room with his terrible music.

Brows knitted together and a frown set on her face, Yaya stormed down the hall on her way to the music room to meet the others. Pink pack hanging off her arm and Pepe resting on top of her head, she turned the doorknob and stepped into the music room only to be graced with the loud noise of Kukai’s music.


All occupants of the music room turned to look at a pouting ten year old. “What’s the matter Yaya?” Nadeshiko asked trying hard to hide her laughter from the clearly distressed girl and the lack of musical talent Kukai was suddenly displaying. “I had detention for eating a lollipop in class…A LOLLIPOP!” Yaya shouted as she flailed her arms about, Tadase just stared at her while Kukai’s expression became one of annoyance.

“Do you mind Yaya? I’m trying to practice here!”

Gaze settling on the soccer player, her eyes grew wide and her bottom lip began to quiver uncontrollably. “Kukai hates Yaya and thinks she’s just a whiny little baby!” She cried as she dropped her pack onto the floor and started swiping at her large eyes. Releasing a deep sigh, Kukai pushed his trombone off his lap and stood up. Moving towards the crying girl he soon stood directly in front of her and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t cry Yaya…I’m sorry it’s just that…I’m trying to practice playing the trombone.”

“T –The trombone?”

The fourth grader repeated as she swiped at her eyes and looked up, gaze locking with Kukai’s. “Why didn’t you just say that? I can play the trombone.” Everyone else’s eyes widened at what the youngest team member had said before Tadase regarded her with a questioning look. “You can play the trombone Yuiki?” Bobbing her head in enthusiasm, Yaya wheeled around her best friend and moved towards the offensive instrument. Taking a seat in the warm seat, she picked up the instrument and clearing her throat began to blow into the mouth piece.

Thin fingers moving expertly over the holes, a sweet on tone sound emitted from the instrument and filled the entire room. Tadase smiled softly at the youngest member while both Nadeshiko and Amu rocked to and fro on their seats and the charas danced around. Kukai on the other hand, just stared at Yaya in a complete state of awe from where he stood by the door. The song drew to a close and Yaya pulled her lips off the mouthpiece just as applauds filled their ears. Looking up, she stared at her applauding friends, a faint blush creeping onto her cheeks.

“That was splendid!”

“Excellently done Yuiki!”

“Awesome…where did you learn to play?”

Rubbing her neck absently, her cheeks darkened and she smiled brightly, eyes closed. “Papa made me learn a few months before Tsubasa was born.” She stated completely unaware of Kukai who was moving towards her, hands shoved deep into his blue plaid school trousers. “Yaya?” Looking up she stared at a faintly blushing sixth grader. “Yeah Kukai –kun?” Puffing out his bottom lip, he began to scuff his sneaker into the floor as he continued to avert the younger girl’s gaze.

“What would you say about…teaching me to play the trombone.”

Eyes widening, everyone in the room dared not to breathe as they listened to the great soccer player Kukai Souma ask for help from the childish Yaya Yuiki. There was obviously a first time for everything. A sly broad grin broke out on Yaya’s face as she leaned back in her seat and scratched her head. “WELL!” She said causing Kukai to look up and stare into her face with his green eyes big and alluring. “I’ll help you get better but first…Kukai has to buy Yaya ice cream!” A large smile graced Yaya’s face and after staring at her for a moment Kukai also grinned, “okay…I can do that.” Eyes lighting up, she hopped to her feet and clapped her hands together.

“Well, let’s get going Kukai! That ice cream isn’t going to buy itself!”

With that, she grabbed hold of his arm and dragged him towards the door, only stopping to pick up her pack before they left. Today was going to be a very long day.


Well, that’s it…I hope you guys enjoyed it and I’m working on a brand new one shot and that will be posted up in no time

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oh! i remember reading that on i luved it! it's so cute!
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