Guilun fanfiction 18
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Posted 3/22/09 , edited 3/22/09
GuiGui:(nervously) WangZi! I...Can we talk?

Wangzi:Erm..Yeah sure,why not?

GuiGui walked out of the classroom as Wangzi followed behind her silently and slowly.They walked to the balcony, the very same one GuiGui had once broke the news to wangzi that she and aaron were dating..

GuiGui: Wangzi...I..

Wangzi: It's okay.It has always been my fault all along...I...I tried so hard to keep you by my side even though i know i wouldn't be able to keep your heart...

GuiGui: Wangzi...

Wangzi: I really didn't mean to set you up that night but...

GuiGui: Wangzi!

Wangzi: If you really can't forgive me.Then it's okay..I mean,


Wangzi was interrupted.

GuiGui: It's okay. (smiles) I know you didn't mean it.And i'm sorry.I hurt you...

Wangzi:(forcefully smiled) Friends?

GuiGui smiled and nodded her head.Wangzi didn't wait, he couldn't control anymore.Tears were starting to form in his eyes as he quickly turned around and walked out of the balcony.Deep down in his heart, he didn't want to let GuiGui go, but,he knew.He knew if he were to desperately hold GuiGui, he would be destroying her happiness.

GuiGui: Wangzi!

Wangzi stopped walking.But he still had his back facing her..

GuiGui: Maybe...You should try looking at other girls too...

Wangzi:(puzzled) Huh?

GuiGui: If you used your heart...Maybe you will be able to realise that..That there's a girl who loves you a whole lot more than you can ever imagine...

Wangzi:(turns around) What do you mean?

GuiGui: Use your heart.

GuiGui smiled sweetly, walked up to Wangzi,patted his shoulder and walked off, leaving a confused Wangzi behind.


GuiGui: Yalun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GuiGui ran out of the school gate , headed straight for a lonely figure and wrapped her arms tightly around him.

GuiGui: Waiting for some time?

Aaron: It's my pleasure.

Aaron smiled dreamily and kissed GuiGui gently.

GuiGui returned the kiss and started to wrap her arms around aaron's neck when...


GuiGui and Aaron instantly jumped apart and scanned the surroundings.

GuiGui:(shouting, arms akimbo) OI! Who's that! SURRENDER THE PHOTOGRAPH!

SIlence...No one answered.

GuiGui: OOI!!!! Who's that!!! If you don't come out now...

But before GuiGui could complete her sentence, Aaron wrapped his arms around her waist, spun her around and leaned his forehead against hers.

GuiGui: Ah..AH BU! (Peeps around) There are reporters around!

Aaron: (whispers) It doesn't make a difference does it? They have already taken the photo...

Before GuiGui managed to reply, Aaron forced his lips onto hers.At first, she struggled and was extremely hesitant...But then, with his comforting presence and warmth...she started to relax..


But they ignored it...With each other's presence, there wasn't anything else more distracting...


GuiGui :(sratching her head) How? Now..The reporters have even more photos of us kissing!!!!! Aiya!!! Who ask you!!!!!!

Aaron: You couldn't resist the temptation either! (Alughed playfully)

GuiGui: I...aiya!!!!!!ah bubububu!!!

Aaron smiled.But soon, the smile disappeared.

Aaron: Gui...I've something to tell you...

GuiGui: What?

Aaron: On your birthday...I...

GuiGui: You are going to celebrate with me aren't you? It's my 20th birthday! I's extremely important!

Aaron: Gui, listen,I...I really want to, but i can't.

GuiGui: But you promised! You promised to celebrate with me!

Aaron: But it isn't like i don't want to.Wait, listen!

GuiGui I don't want to listen!!!! You broke your promise and that's it! Aaron yan ya lun! I don't want to talk to you again!

with that, guigui stormed off...

Aaron: (shaking his head) she's so childish! Arghh!
wow! i'm so sorry! I have't been updating! But the good news is that, next chapter is the last chapter! woot!
comment kays? thanks!
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Posted 3/22/09 , edited 3/22/09
haha. nice part too. hehehe.

oo, wang zi n gui gui are understanding towards each other. hahs.

funny how aaron n gui gui doing, despite being taken. heex.

e last part... gui gui shld listen what a bu will be saying lol.
oo, rushes off to see no19. lol.

i hope it turns out well.
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Posted 3/24/09 , edited 3/24/09
nice 2nd last chapter=D jiayou!!
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