GuiLun Fanfiction 19 *completed*
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Posted 3/22/09 , edited 3/22/09
GuiGui: Today's my big day...But i'm all alone...Thanks to that Big Fat Baddie!

GuiGui stormed down the streets as she sulked and muttered curses...

GuiGui: And guess what? He's all happy at Hong Kong with his fans! Fans are even more important than me! Arghh!

Rinng!!!!(The phone rang~)
GuiGui: Hello?

Yatou: Gui! It's your birthday today! Why don't you come to my house to cleebrate!

GuiGui: Thanks.But no thanks.I don't feel like celebrating...

Yatou: Because he isn't here?

GuiGui: I...Yes Yes YES! I missed him so much!!!Yatou!!!!!! I really wanted him to celebrate my birthday with me...But.. *sulks even more*

Yatou: Gui! Iy's okay~We will cleebrate it for you!Meet me at my house at 7pm ok?

GuiGui: Yup.Okay.

---end of call---

GuiGui: Ah bu....You didn't even have the heart to call me...I haven't seen you for 3 whole days! I...My heart is...Forget it! I don't want to talk about you!

*During GuiGui's party*

Wangzi: Gui, cheer up!

Yatou: Yeah.You understand that Aaron's in the most popular boyband! He's sure going to be quite busy at times! You can't expect him to keep you company at all times!

GuiGui: but i really miss him.....

XiaoXun: He's going to be back tomorrow! Don't worry! Cheer up! This party held specially for you! You don't want to let your mood spoil it!Come, let's dance!

GuiGui: Xiao Xun! I, i don't want to dance!

XiaoXun: Not listening~~ Come!

Suddenly, the bell rang!

GuiGui: Ahh! Xiaoxun~ I will see who's at the door!

GuiGui quickly pulled herself away.

GuiGui:(Thinking) Maybe aaron's at the door...!!!!!!!!

As soon as that thought enetred her mind, Guigui ran towards the door and flung it open.To her disappointment, it was just a delivery man.

GuiGui: Oh.. Can i help you?

Delivery man: yes, are you Miss GuiGui?

GuiGui: (Sulky) Obviously.

Delivery man: (Peeps at her and smiled) Well, i've something to cheer you up!

GuiGui: (lazily looks up) Huh?

Delivery man: Here.

The man walked to his van, and pulled out a huge cylinder box.

Delivery man: it's from him!! (cheekily)

GuiGui: Him?

Delivery man: Aaron of course! Come, i will help you bring it into the living room.

As the delivery man pushed and tugged the huge cylinder box into the room, the room fell silent.

Yatou: Gui! Who gave you that?

GuiGui:(bored) Aaron.

Yatou: (surprised) Aaron?! Then what are you waiting for?Open it! It's so huge! Wonder what he got for you!

GuiGui: (walks away)I don't feel like opening it.Where's the toilet?

Yatou shot wangzi a glare.

Wangzi: Gui! Open it!!

Then the whole room started chanting:

Everone: Open it open it open it.................

GuiGui: (raises her eyebrows) Fine...

She walks over, slowly undos the ribbon and lifted the lid...

A figure jumps out of it

AARON: SUPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GuiGui: (jumps backwards in shock) Yalun?!

GuiGui started to cry.

GuiGui: I thought you weren't coming! Yalun!!!! You big fat baddie!!!!!!

she started punching his chest as soon as he climbed out of the huge cylinder box.

GuiGui: You!! arghh!! You!!!! *Punch punch punch*

Aaron grabbed her hadns and pulled her closer.

Aaron: (whispers) It's your 20th birthday...I wouldn't let you celebrate alone would i?

Aaron dries her tears.Then, he inches his lips to hers and started kissing her gently and slowly.The kiss grew more and more passionate and the crowd roared.They clapped, they cheered, they laughed.But the noise didn't stop the couple...The continued to hold each other tightly,and yes, they continued to kiss.......

-------------The end-------------

LOL!! It's completed !!! Yay~~~~~~~~~~~
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Posted 3/22/09 , edited 3/22/09
LOL, i laughed upon reading e ending... quite abrupt ending?

geee, but it's so pleasant, hehe. i knew that Aaron will not leave Gui alone on her bday. great surprise. hehe.

at least it is a happy ending!!~
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Posted 3/24/09 , edited 3/24/09
OMG this is such a wonderful ending
hope to see ur next guilun fanfic!!
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