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Title: “Long to Love: Great Passion”
Genre: Romantic Angst, Expository Text
Author’s Note: This is a story to basically refresh my mind on Philippine history, when the Japanese came and try to colonize the Philippines. Some parts may be partly fictional to suit its characters, but the plot is all about the history.
Pairing: TegoRyo (NewS)
Summary: Tegoshi Yuya is from a family of Filipino decent; and when the Japanese comes and try to take over, he falls in love with the enemy. Will love conquer?
History: Japanese occupation, when America was still under-control.

Long to Love: Great Passion

The Japanese believed that all countries with common location and culture should be united. Therefore, they created a program called “Greater East-Asia Co-prosperity Sphere” to address their concern. The Philippines was invited to join the program.

Tegoshi Yuya is fifteen years old and helps his mother and father work. One early sun, Tegoshi goes to the fields a few miles away from where he lives to gather corn. He carries a basket on top of his head and holds it with one hand, and the other is gathering corn and placing it in the basket. He goes from one end of the field to the other end, and gathers all the corn he can try and get.

Tegoshi was going to get one more piece of corn when an older man approached him. “Hello there,” The older man greeted in a stiff-English but friendly manner. Tegoshi looked at him for a moment, from head to toe. Tegoshi knew how to speak a little bit of English, considering the fact that the war between America and the Philippines was over. “Sino ka, who are you?” Tegoshi asked and inched backward. The older man smiled. “I from Japan, here to ask if you join our program ‘Greater East-Asia Co-prosperity Sphere,’ accept the offer?” The older man asked as if he was addressing a small child, his words slowly coming out of his mouth, inaccurately. “Ako ay hindi magpasya, I will not decide.” Tegoshi replies to the older man with a friendly smile. “Who decide?” The older man asks. Tegoshi grabs one corn and tosses it into his basket. “Ang aming lider, our leader.” The older man smiles. “Alright then, I am Ryo Nishikido.” Tegoshi smiles. “Tegoshi Yuya,” He beams and starts to walk back home. “See again will we?” The older man asks. Tegoshi glances back. “Hindi ko alam, sana, I don’t know, I hope so.” And Tegoshi walks back home.

When Tegoshi enters his bamboo-made house, his folks ask him why it took him so long. Tegoshi’s eyes lit up. “Ako ay nakatagpo ng matatandang tao na ito. Kinausapan ko siya, at guwapo rin yang tao na yan! I just happened to bump into that person while gathering corn and I talked to him for a while… But he was handsome!” Tegoshi hasn’t felt this way before. “Wow, ikaw ay dapat na masaya, ngunit maging maingat, okay? You must be happy, but be careful okay?” Tegoshi’s mother warned him. Tegoshi nodded innocently, and whispered to himself, “Ako ay maghintay para sa iyo. I will wait for you.” He grabbed a piece of corn from his basket and began to eat it.

Every sun, when the sun is rising up, Tegoshi goes to the fields when he has time, when he doesn’t have work to do. He waits for this older man named Ryo Nishikido. There was this one time; Tegoshi even waited one sun and one moon, and Tegoshi found Ryo wondering the fields. Tegoshi’s eyes lit up and he called out, “Ryo, kamusta? How are you?” Ryo yells out and replies to him, “Am fine!” They both rush to each other and embrace each other. “Isang araw ay hindi ibinibilang, ipaalam sa amin matugunan nang mas madalas. One day couldn’t count; let us meet more often.” Tegoshi tells Ryo this. Ryo smiled, and both of them looked at the sky and the moon and the stars. They wish they will meet more often and know more things about each other.

Many suns and moons pass, and Ryo and Tegoshi spend more time together when they could. Tegoshi was aware of Ryo being Japanese and Ryo was aware of Tegoshi being Filipino. But, they both didn’t mind; didn’t care. They can only think about their friendship building. They’d ask each other, “How are you?” “Oh, am fine and you?” They’d share jokes and teach each other’s languages. They get to know each other more and more each day.

Something happens to Ryo, and Ryo tells Tegoshi one day that they can no longer see each other again. “Bakit, why?” Tegoshi asks with sadness in his voice. “Just can no longer see each other.” Ryo answers and he walks away, not looking back or saying a word to the young boy. Tegoshi wants to secretly follow Ryo, but he knows that it’s wrong. He doesn’t want to be a bother to others.

Tegoshi was always of aware of Ryo being Japanese, and sometimes he wonders why he asked about the Filipinos joining the program “Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere” in the first place. He wonders, why this question relates to how he and Ryo first met. He sometimes, maybe all the time, wonders this. He wants to know the answer. Sometimes, he wishes he could have never answered Ryo that day.

On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the U.S. naval base in Hawaii. This marked Japan’s open aggression against America. The following day, the Philippines was attacked. All Filipinos, they thought that they were raided because the Philippines was an American colony. On January 2, 1942, the Japanese entered and occupied Manila. This, Tegoshi thought, this is the consequence of trusting a stranger.

Tegoshi wonders in the open fields one moon. He wonders why Ryo had betrayed him, he wonders why he ever thought Ryo could be a friendly person, and he wonders why he let Ryo in his world in the first place. He stops for a moment, his thoughts trailing off. There’s a shadow; and Tegoshi can see it creeping towards him. Tegoshi gulps and hopes it’s not one of those Japanese guards checking on you. “Hi Tegoshi,” The voice says. Tegoshi takes a glance back and sees Ryo. “Hi,” Tegoshi answers, not meeting Ryo’s eyes.

“Tegoshi, sorry I did not have told you about my people coming here and-“

Ryo felt a hand slap his cheek. He stared at Tegoshi in astonishment. “Hindi mo alam and buhay ko dito! You don’t know my life here. Ano ang gagawin mo na? What are you going to do now? Umalis ka nga! Just leave!” Tegoshi choked out the words that flowed out of his mouth. Ryo could only embrace the lad in his arms and say, “I am sorry.” Tegoshi, being the younger lad, felt like he was being loved: Being loved like a friend, being loved by a father, being loved by a lover. “Matigas ang ulo mo talaga. You are really hard-headed. Umalis ka na, just leave. Hindi mo na kailangan mo ako upang makatulong sa iyo na makahanap ng tunay na ikaw ay may mga kaibigan. You don't need me to help you find who you really are friends with. At sa tingin ko ay simula na umibig sa iyo. And to think that I was starting to fall in love with you.” Tegoshi said, carefully and sadly saying, crystal blue tears running down his cheeks.

Ryo cannot believe what he was hearing. It wasn’t like him; really it wasn’t the Tegoshi he has seen in the past few suns and moons. But, Ryo agreed with him. He betrayed him; he acted like he was Tegoshi’s real friend when he really wasn’t. But, he had a family back in Japan and he didn’t want them to be facing any kinds of danger whatsoever.

Ryo embraces Tegoshi even more; not letting him inch backward or forward or even letting him move one bit. The Americans were still ruling the Philippines, Tegoshi and Ryo knew that. The Japanese were against America. America was colonizing the Philippines. The Japanese come and try and conquer the country, and the first thing they made sure of was that all printed materials shouldn’t be American. Ryo whispered into Tegoshi’s ear, “Ako mahal kita.” Three simply misused words that were actually suppose to be ‘mahal kita’, those three words reached Tegoshi, touched his heart a bit. Tegoshi wanted to believe him, he really did. “Sorry, pero hindi ako naniniwala sa iyo mula sa ngayon. Sorry, but I can’t believe you from now on.” Tegoshi said. Ryo understood why, he quickly kissed Tegoshi’s cheek and said, “We meet soon some time, okay? I promise I make it up to you.” And with one caress Ryo was off, and Tegoshi wondered why this simple kiss made his tummy growl with nervous inside. Tegoshi skipped back home happily and slept in his nice, warm bamboo-made bed, thinking of Ryo all through.

Tegoshi was getting ready for battle the next day, and at this point America was still in contact with the Philippines. He was at the right age for battling, and he knew he was. The Filipinos and Americans fought against the Japanese, but Bataan fell into the hands of the Japanese on April 9, 1942, and Bataan, was an important place for Tegoshi. This place was where he grew up in, with his family. The Americans and Filipinos who surrendered, and one of them was Tegoshi, were forced to march from Mariveles, Bataan, to San Fernando, Pampanga. They were not given food or water, so many marchers died from hunger, fatigue and sickness. Tegoshi, marching alone, was lonely. He didn’t die; he was waiting for someone, someone he holds dear and beloved. Ryo Nishikido.

From San Fernando, they were taken by train to Camp O’Donnel in Campas, Tarlac. Tegoshi was now struggling with no food or water, or at least one stop at a rock to sit down. One time, there was this mysterious man who secretly gave him bread and water, and Tegoshi thanked the man. And Tegoshi thought, he could have sworn he just saw Ryo. Most of the marchers died, and this was called the “Death March”. Luckily, Tegoshi managed to survive.

The island of Corregidor had been important to Tegoshi. It was where he went to play with this man who was a stranger; it was where he played when he was a little boy. Corregidor has been important to him because this was where he used to hide when he played hide-and-seek with his mother. It was where he spent most of his time, to sum it all up.

Tegoshi wanted to protect Corregidor. He now knows that the Japanese could invade once again, and he doesn’t want Corregidor, the place with all his precious memories, destroyed and nothing left to visit, nothing left to look back to and think, “This was my favorite place a long time ago.”

After a few suns and moons, Tegoshi knew it was time. Tegoshi woke up early before sunrise to prepare himself for what was going to happen. He sharpened his spear with a rock, carefully so he won’t cut himself. He had a quick meal before he left, a simple bowl of soup and with corn grains. And then Tegoshi was off on his feet at sunrise before his family could even notice that he was gone.

When he arrived at Corregidor, he saw a shadow moving in the sunlight. “Mangyaring huwag pabayaan ito ay ang lilim ng mahiwaga Hapon tao ako nahulog sa pag-ibig sa, please don't let it be the shadow of the mysterious Japanese man I fell in love with,” Tegoshi murmured under his breath. Well, of course Tegoshi wanted it to be Ryo. He loved him for crying out loud, and when the shadow crept up and was that of Ryo, Tegoshi could feel his heart skip beats. Ryo inched forward to him and cupped his cheeks. Tegoshi wanted to cry out and say everything he thought, “How could you hurt me like that? I thought I wouldn’t get hurt because you loved me; but why would you do this? Don’t you love me?” But Tegoshi had no plan on telling Ryo this because he wouldn’t understand what he really meant.

“Hi,” Ryo murmured. Tegoshi looked away; he had convinced himself before that Ryo was just a stranger, that he could no longer be trusted. But somehow, Tegoshi feels like he should forgive him. Forget his foolish mistake, and start over. “Hi, kamusta, how are you?” Tegoshi asks. He looks into Ryo’s eyes. Ryo somehow looks hurt, which makes him hurt inside, too. “Am sorry, am really, really sorry.” Ryo said. He sounds more serious, and if it was Tegoshi’s imagination, his voice sounded like a frantic-cry. “Mahal kita,” Ryo whispers into Tegoshi’s ear. Tegoshi can’t imagine what he’s hearing right now, is it a lie or is it the truth? He doesn’t want to believe it, but he wants to. “Mahal kita,” Tegoshi says back.

There are a lot of Filipino people crowding Corregidor at this point. They’re watching Tegoshi and Ryo. And Tegoshi can’t help but think that his people imagine that he will betray his own country. “Listen, about before. Know you must mad, am sorry. My people say to convince you to join our program, and if didn’t, would get sent to prison.” Ryo explains as if he’s talking to a little child. The Filipino people are whispering to each other now, and then they back away, slowly, one by one.

And when Tegoshi and Ryo knew that everyone was gone, they smiled at each other, said that they were sorry, and kissed. It could have been the most romantic scene ever. But a few seconds after their lips met, they heard a strange noise. Ryo knew why he should be with Tegoshi. But, they didn’t break the kiss. They continued kissing as if time had stopped and will never move.

But it did. Right in the middle of their first-and-romantic kiss, a Japanese air-force plane came diving high in the air and dropped a bomb exactly where Tegoshi and Ryo were. Tegoshi knew the Japanese would attack sooner or later, and Ryo knew that too. But they didn’t realize it. They were too mesmerized in the kiss. And now, they could lose their lives. But this wasn’t the only misfortunate thing that happened. It was exactly May 6, 1942. It was the day Tegoshi and Ryo finally were together, but it was the day the island fortress, Corregidor fell. Luckily, even though the fortress fell on the two lads, they survived.

Two Filipino men and two Japanese men came to look for them. When the two nationalities collided while they were on their search, they were at Corregidor. The Japanese wanted to point their guns at them and shoot, but then they asked them to help them look. They accepted unwillingly. They searched in caves, in valleys, in forests, everywhere. They decided to go back at Corregidor and search there. They found Tegoshi and Ryo hand-in-hand under rocks, breathing, actually breathing.

Tegoshi woke up after three suns and two moons. He was in his room. What happened? He has cuts and bruises on his body. Ryo! Where was he? He must have woken up before him and escaped-

Thank goodness, he was sleeping beside him. How could he and Ryo be in his room? Some people must have told Tegoshi’s parents. Oh no, not my parents, Tegoshi thought. But, as long as Ryo was safe, he would be alright. He would always be alright if Ryo was with him. He knows, more suns and moons can pass and he would still be with Ryo.

Even with all the happenings, Japan still tried to win the cooperation of the Filipinos. They put up the KALIBAPI or Kapisanan ng Palilingkod sa Bagong Pilipinas. But now, Ryo had no part in it. He was with Tegoshi. He would help him collect food for his family. But now, Ryo was really a member of Tegoshi’s family. He was no longer a stranger.

But Manila was under the Philippines control again on February 3, 1945. The Philippines was finally under control again; and Tegoshi and Ryo could finally live in peace. No one can tell them what to do. But for sure, they will stand up for their own countries. Tegoshi for the Philippines, Ryo for Japan. But for now, they will be together: It would be a symbol for peace and love. They were longing to love from the start, and now it will turn into a great passion.
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waah coolio yaoi-ish fic! although i didn't understand some words.
ano this a oneshot or a multi chap fic?

arigatou for posting!
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nice one!

this is really great!

and you actually used some of our Philippine story~~

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hahah nice nice nice!!!
is there a next one to this!??!
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I'm sorry for the late comment..
but it's awesome!!
btw.. I can't believe you know about the Philippines history and stuff..
did you research about that??
or was it your stuck knowledge when you studied it in the Phils??
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