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Will the 70s reoccur?
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Posted 7/14/09
I'd love to live in the 80's during the glorious hair metal era...
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Posted 7/15/09
70s? Repeat? I think most everything of it will not repeat. Hairstyles, for example, have always been a forward moving trend over the centuries. Though there's still flexibility taking a career as a clown. As a matter of fact clowns cover most grounds that the 70s were about :P

Most everything that happened then was needed to break the current conditions and move forward. Since most circumstances that created the 70s are still partially resolved these days, the psychedelic era will not repeat.

Furthermore, we seem to be at the early edge of the entire world's culture becoming united. That's going to provide for some very different culture directions.

I do however think that there will a counterculture movement sometime in the near future. Just not the same one. Or we may already be in it, as it is often difficult to observe history until is becomes history.

Take for example, the Ganguro culture from Japan has been spreading elsewhere, such as in the UK (or so it's been reported). Though I don't see it as too different from other current subcultures, nothing big about it to me. A large scale movement doesn't just "happen". So if you want to see a culture movement, that means YOU taking action.

I personally have been trying to learn sewing so as to make my own clothing. There are no shops that sell precisely like what I would want my appearance to be. You could say, in a sense, that this is me trying to move culture in a different and less uniform direction.

Oh, and thinking a little more, there actually is a historical culture movement that you've gotten to be a witness of. Internet culture. It is indeed its own distinguished culture.
Posted 8/31/09 , edited 8/31/09

Daniel9878 wrote:

by 70s, you mean 1970-1980??
what does the zero at the end have to do with anything
why not 1975-1985 or 1965-1975

time donesnt come in packs of 10years
time is a continual process, you cant cut up history in groups of ten, then choose to like a section

trends, fashion and society didnt change the moment it was 1980
it was a gradual process

i hate it when people cut up history in groups of ten years

and no, the "70s" will never reoccur
its the year 2009, we cant travel back intime, time travel hasnt been proven

i kno what you mean, but your not very clear, what aspect of the 70s do you want to reoccur?
if you want the date to be changed back, thats pretty useless

I'm the creator of this thread. I just shut down that other account.

What are you talking about? =_= Yes, I mean the 1970s. You wouldn't ask "Do you think the 75s will reoccur?" >_> Lol. The "70s" stands for the entire time period.

And if you already knew what I meant, you didn't have to be a smartass about it. Those comments are for people who really don't know. You don't have to be grouchy.

And when I say I want the 70s to reoccur, I'm talking about pretty much everything. The hair, the clothes, the shoes, the media, ALL of it.
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Posted 9/1/09
Someone ask a similar question earlier no im glad the fashion, music, and television has all changed.
Posted 1/3/10
User has nuked, but anyone is welcomed to recreate.
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