Post Reply Manga Discussions **SPOILER ALERT!**
Posted 3/22/09
I was surprised that there wasn't a thread to talk about the manga so I made this!
I see a lot of people watch the anime, so I didn't want to spoil anything, which is why the spoiler alert is there.
Okay, I'm just stating the obvious now >.>

Anywaysss, I made this because chapter 31 was a crazy chapter.

That Baron Kelvin is a sick bastard. PSYCHOTIC.
He's so infatuated with Ciel that it makes me sick.
I'm thinking he was the one who kidnapped Ciel 3 years ago and took him that underground thing where he was tortured and almost killed.

He also said "I wish I could've been by your side," so maybe it's possible that he wanted to save him?
I think that's a really small possibility though.

He was like all sparkly eyed when he met Ciel 3 years ago.
Then I went back to chapter 19 (Where they showed some of Ciel's past), there was a man, who looked similar to the baron and he said "I see, you became cuter."

Meh...I'll stop there.
My post is already really long > <
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