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“This is ridicules!” Tanaka was dragged into the room and put in front of the great princess Lily “I’ll be your teacher for 5 years!” Tanaka stared at Lily coldly. “Princess if anything bad happens just scream” the guards in black walked out. “Tch! Anyway lets start with your stupid lesson!” Tanaka thinks for a while and write INDIVIDUAL STUDY! On the whiteboard “Get started!” Tanaka went and sat at his chair sighing from boredom.
Lily began to write very serious on her studies but looked up everyone and a while staring at her handsome teacher. “Um, Tanaka-Sensei” Lily blushes “What!” he answers rudely. “Um, nothing” Lily blushed and went back to her individual studies.
4 years passed since the day Tanaka arrived and it Lily and his relationship changed. They got closer and closer and closer!
Lily knocked on Tanaka door to his room and he let her in “What is it Lily? Need something” He sat down staring at her non-rudely. “Um well Tanaka-sensei I wanted to give you this, Happy Valentines day” she handed him chocolate. Tanaka smiled and took her chocolate kissing her on the cheek “Thank you Lily-chan” Lily blushed apple red and Tanaka smiled. “B-bye Tanaka-Sensei” Lily got up and was about to leave but she her arm was grabbed and was pushed back to the floor. She landed in Tanaka-Senseis LAP! Tanaka nipped Lilies ear lightly “I like you too Lily” Lily turned her head around “what!” she was still blushing. R\Tanaka kissed her, inserting his tongue inside her mouth, moving it around and looking into her eyes intensively. Lily couldn’t handle it and closed her eyes “So cute” he pushed Lily onto the ground and began to kiss her neck and back to her lips “I won’t let anyone else have you except me.” Lily blushed “I-I’m sorry, the reason you were sent here is because I asked the police too, I really wanted to see you” she looked the other way blushing and her heart beating so loud Tanaka could hear it. “I, wanted you too” She kissed him back.

SORRY IM LATE >< BEEN BUSY WITH VOCALOID GROUP also sorry htis one is short too i have to get off and had to finsih it wuickly..maybe I'll do more later but well this is hte end of this story please forgive me for takin forever. Oh i have a surprise for you..I'll tell you on the last chapter of Duumb Little s XD I'm sure you'll lvoe it if you liked these stories *gave you a hint by saying that* oops gotta go before i spill it and last thing.....ROADROLLER! XD I GOT IT FOR FREE AT A CONSTRUCTION SITE! No! I DIDNT STEAL IT! (LOL) XD<<<From a song sung by Len and Rin

pictures of Tanaka and Lily


Posted 3/23/09
lol NICE STORY =D *clap hands* >__< can't wait 4 more
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Posted 3/23/09
Cute short but cute ^_^
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