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7 has red, BEST has blue uniforms, and when they went to pick out their uniforms, they seemed to care about their numbers. Nakajima said, “Isn’t the number 10 the number the aces wear~? Ehehe ♡.Then Morimoto said, “Why am I number 7? I wanted 6 or 8~.” But actually, the numbers on their backs represent the day of their birthday. Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with soccer.

Before the game, they warmed up. The Okamoto and Chinen pair, “The Wind Children,” where the first ones to run towards the soccer field while the northern wind blew furiously. Chinen, who grew up in soccer-heaven Shizuoka-ken, said while smiling and shining, “By all means, I’ll chase after the ball. So that I’ll be in every single picture.” Okamoto, who studied in the soccer-king-country England, said with English mixed, “I’ll forget about me being an idol today, and I’ll put all my effort into soccer. Yes, we can!” “I-it’s so cold,” muttered Morimoto, who was curled up on the ground and was forced to go out into the field, the shooting practice began with Morimoto practicing goal-keeping. But when Yamada and Okamoto, JUMP’s power shooters, shot into the goal, the scardy-cat Morimoto said, “No, this is bad. It’s bad!” while running away from the balls. Okamoto finally tried to shoot from the center line, a far long-shot, to which Morimoto responded with a, “I can’t stop that kind of ball….” But suddenly, a very high-tensioned voice stared singing. “Hurry up! Hurry up! Phillip Torshe~ Beckenbower. Ibicha Oshimu!!” (TN: I have no idea. Sorry. I don't know soccer XDD) Someone sang the original song which has all the famous soccer players. The owner of the voice was Yabu, who was in the midst of practicing dribbling! As expected from ex-soccer club member. Like a little boy with his eyes gleaming, he ran after the ball. Yaotome said, “Yush. I’m going to play as if I’m at the national stadium!! (= Japan’s soccer-heaven field.)” On the other hand, even though it was just before the games were about to start, Takaki, who was sitting on the floor, said, “Ugh, it’s soooo cold~. I don’t really wana play!” Inoo was also still wearing his coat and shivering. Arioka, who saw this, said, “Yo, how long are you going to keep that up? Move~.” And they both has their butts kicked, and finally started to move. Compared to the 7 members, it seems as if they had no energy… Will they be alright? Team BEST!!

“Ne, ne, somebody said that the loser will have to give the losers yakiniku (meat)~” Nakajima and Yaotome spread that lie around, and Yamada, who jumped on, said, “Eh, seriously!?” Slowly but steadily, Takaki, who had turned serious, said, “If I lose, I’ll do 2 pushups!” (TN: But it’s like a special kind of pushups, and I’m not really sure how to translate it into English, sowwie XD) and chose his own batsu game (punishment.) Yabu, who said that just 2 pushups isn’t enough for him, imagined if he had lost the game. Surpsied by 7’s team power, Takaki put his bangs up with a rubber band, and put a lot of energy into soccer. Now, with the hearts and body warmed up, let’s start the games!! Starting off with Chinen’s kickoff for the first half, the 7 team pushed and pushed. They finally got to BEST’s goal, and goal-keeper Yamada was all alone by himself. “I’m… kinda bored…” He curled up into a ball and put his shirt over his knees. “Will the ball come here?” Just as he said that, Takai’s shot…! “My time finally came~!” and he jumped high, but the ball rolled away from him. Will the 1st point be taken away from him? He ran and ran, “Kuu, I’ve caught up!” he kicked hard with his left foot and somehow saved the ball from going into the goal. “The 7’s strong point is their fastness! Tie the ball to your feet!” With Yamada’s guts and words of encouragement, the ball was passed onto Okamoto. And then the goal!! With Keito’s strongness, Nakajima got emotional and said, “Wow~ Keito!” Inoo said, “He definitely trained in England.”

NOTE: This NOT from me. I got this translation from sa718ra
at LiveJournal. I will not take any credits for it. I think there's more to this so please be patient for sa718ra to finish the translation ^^
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Keito&Chinen pair~!

LoLz at Yamada hovering over Keito at the pic~~
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