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Tennis Court!
Posted 3/22/09
here is the Tennis Court! just come here and play or if u wanna practice ^^
Posted 3/23/09
*walks in witha Tennis Racket*
ahh~ need 2 practice such a nice day today
*grabs a ball and shoots it hitting the wall and keeps shooting while it's coming back*
Posted 3/23/09 , edited 3/23/09
*sneaks from sides and takes picture*
........heehee ^^
The male readers will enjoy this shot
Posted 3/23/09
*keeps hitting but misses*
ah oh well *sits on a bench drinking water* ahhh~ freshing ^^
Posted 3/23/09
*Pops out from behind*
Senpai, senpai ^^
Can I get your name?
Posted 3/23/09
*looks behind and sees u*
eh? um sure Watashi wa Nanami Sara
Posted 3/23/09
*Nods and jots name down*
Ah, nice to meet you nanami-senpai..
I'm Rin Hinagiku
Posted 3/23/09
ah Rin-chan is it ^^ kawaii name nice 2 meet u 2
*looks at the note pad*
writting something? XD
Posted 3/23/09
Thanks Nanami-senpai ^^
Yep, your name and the title of the article i'm gonna write

(OOC: Really, i will make one XD)
Posted 3/23/09

ehh?? what's it about? XD me? lool
Posted 3/23/09
I can't spoil it just yet, that's my rule for journalism ^_~

(OOC: Expect it to be released within 1-2 days XD)
Posted 3/23/09
aha i see sorry 2 ask well i'll be looking forward on what u'll write ^^

((omg YAY XD))
Posted 3/23/09
I'll be sure to personally hand you a copy of the school paper ^^
*Stands up and walks towards dorms, waves*
Ja ne, Nanami-senpai
Posted 3/23/09
ja ne ^^ *waves back*
*stays quite for a bit*
heh kawai nee XD
*goes back into practice*
*hits the ball*
Posted 3/23/09
ok i think that's about enough ^^
*walks out of the court*
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