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The Soccer Field!
Posted 3/22/09 , edited 3/22/09
ok this is it XD just come here 2 hang out or just 2 talk ^^ and COME PLAY XD ur choise ^^ don't 4get practice practice XD
as For all of u Cheerleaders come here and CHEER ON XD
Posted 3/23/09
Shin: *he just got out of the locker room just after he finished basketball practice* I still kind of tired, but I think I can still make it.. *he was wearing his Soccer uniform and on his left arm it says* Captain
Posted 3/23/09
*walks in wearing her practice shorts and shirt and looks around*
where's the ball? <.<
*walks into the centure of the Field*
Posted 3/23/09 , edited 3/23/09
Shin: *he looks up* Yo!.. Well we just getting starting.. I just got here myself.. *he puts his sport bag on the bench*
Posted 3/23/09
ehh *looks at u* ur the Captain???
Posted 3/23/09 , edited 3/23/09
Shin: I sure am.. *he took out a ball from his bag.. he did some tricks with the ball and made a long kick to the goal*
Posted 3/23/09
*Amazed* O.O........................SUGOI!!! XD
ah! o.o gomene i haven't introduced myself eto...*nervous*.....i'm Nanami Sara nice 2 meet u
Posted 3/23/09
Shin: Its nice to meet you Nanami-san.. I'm Shin.. *smiled*
Posted 3/23/09
acually u can call me just Sara it's fine hmm shin-kun is it..i'll remember that ^^
what year r u?? i'm 2nd ^^
Posted 3/23/09
Shin: Oh ok.. I'll call you Sara-san.. *smiles* I'm a 3rd. year..
Posted 3/23/09
wow o.o ur older than me ahahaha *rubs head*
*grabs a ball and left it up with foot and kicks it making a goal*
...........omg i still got it O.O
Posted 3/23/09 , edited 3/23/09
Shin: *laughed a bit* Well just keep practicing that kick and you can make the kick much stronger.. *smiled*
Posted 3/23/09
oiii it's not a laughing matter and ok i'll keep practicing....
Captain...may i be Excused?....*yawns*...kinda tired T.T
*walks out and waves*
bye bye shin-senpai ^^
Posted 3/23/09
Shin: Alright then... *waves back* Make sure you come for next soccer practice..
*he took the ball and made couple of goals*
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F / °°°****somewhere...
Posted 3/24/09
*runs in* hayoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to play too!!!!!
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