DBSK's Survivor
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What do you think of thier LATEST single?

It contains the following:
1. Survivor
2. Take Your Hands
3. Survivor -Seven Seas Premium-
4. Survivor (Less Vocal)
5. Take Your Hands (Less Vocal)

Strengthens the position with artist and Japanese duck cone chart higher rank to last year year-end etc. the 59th Japanese NHK reds hundred take a business trip the before the total, only Japan knows and the Asia various nations to become worse popularity Japanese 26th singles " of the group eastern country marvelousness which is going; Survivor" This sense is the plan which will be sold in March 23rd Korea. This time " Survivor" Single Japanese 4 house albums " of the eastern country marvelousness which is a plan which in March 25th work will be sold from Japan; The Secret Code" As justice preceding single the first limitation production is sold. Recording music " Survivor" Today will put in the message where in order to live the eastern country marvelousness conveys a direction of a ceremony and will be unique and the melody and the vocals which are refined will come to be more, there is a possibility which they will be charmed only of eastern country marvelousness is a beautiful music. " Survivor" Even on the outside " Take Your Hands" Is the plan which will be recorded, to CD versions " Survivor" The justice Seven Seas Premium mix versions are recorded especially. To CD+DVD versions " Survivor" Justice video clip and jacket photographing, " where there is a possibility of watching for the features of video clip photographing at the time of eastern country marvelousness; Off Shot Movie (Hangul (Korean alphabet) translation text insertion) " Is recorded especially. In addition, with CD versions and CD+DVD version commonnesses " Jacket size card " 1 chapter is the plan which will be enclosed.

Please support them by buying the album!
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F / Xiah's Heart.
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i love their survivor song, reminds me of an anime theme song =]
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25 / F / asia♥
Posted 3/23/09
I'll Consider it!its DBSK so Yeah!
Posted 3/23/09 , edited 3/23/09
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