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Join The Dark Family...

This family is:

* Mysterious
* Cunning
* Wise
* Responsible
* Careful

But usually they are ignorant and too protective...

To Join this family,

I need your Username, age and a picture...

And please verify your position....
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Username: JunjouBabyLuv
Neko Name: Ritz
Age: 20
Position: eldest daughter
info: I like to keep to myself alot, watching out for others and helping when they need me. I enjoy my solitude and I'll lash out if you bother me. I like to sneak out at night and play tricks on some neighbors when they hurt me or my family. I'm very mischievous.

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Name: James_Rei
Neko Name: Rei
Position: Elder Brother
Info: i'm very mysterious guy.... i don't to reveal my true identity....
but if you want and you are my family...then ask me anything....i don't wanna disturb my sleep or else....

1150 cr points
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25 / F / I'm lost
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Name: Reikaji_Shiro
Neko name: Uriko Nonomura (Nickname: Toboe)
Position: Youngest Daughter
Info: I like to bite anything and i'm mysterious too..... you can ask me anything....
I like blood....
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