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Sneakislamifying, naive or xenophobia?
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Posted 3/26/09

It's not like we have any fights left in us at all, it's just that multiculturalism and political correctness is stopping people from voicing their opinions. Luckily for Norway is that a political party here called Fremskritspartiet" are putting Muslim discussion on their agenda and their way of living have been discussed much in the media which is great. This all started that they demanded Hijab on the police uniforms and the whole country actually stood up for it and said no. This also weakened the current government and gave the party I'm going to vote for more power.

There have also been discussions on how well the immigrants actually manage to intergrate and it has actually gotten so far that they don't even have to learn Norwegian in order to live here because all of their friends speaks Arabic anyway, so why bother? This is stuff that they get criticized for and many Imams go on television shows telling us stuff that they aren't trying to take over the country from within and that it really is important to learn the Norwegian language. The Imams say all this despite the fact that them self have lived in Norway for about 25 years and don't understand shit of Norwegian themselves. Damn hypocrites, we need to wake up.
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Posted 3/26/09
^The solution is in your post.
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Posted 3/26/09

Really nicely said, but I think that europeans have no fight left in them (even here in croatia, ever since the last war 20 years ago). It is just too much fighting, changes and everything in too long history. One politician from Netherlands told me on one conferenece: we just need to sit down, do nothing, read o book or two,... and most of other politicans (from UK, Italy, The Netherlands) agreed with him. They were all politically moderate, and I think they expressed the most common european thinking: why bother. muslims are here , and they will never be content until they have it their way. We give them freedom, and they are exploiting that freedom to introduce their backwards ways of living. I think that when European people truly realize what happened it will be to late. I mean, today there are idiots who protest the way illegal immigrants are treated, but when the same immigrants start killing them and robbing them on streets they blame weak government.

Well, that's the common consensus among my family and friends, we too are frustrated with what's happening and it's so difficult I guess to play footsie with being right and humane while protecting your identity and safety without someone crying racism and oppression against a certain group of extremism stemming from belief.
If something happens to Europe, I don't know what will happen to the rest of us, my country can barely sustain itself with the ongoing recession and I think the world can barely afford another WWIII.
And really, who are you gonna fight with when common citizens are hostages by their very neighbors and officemates, schoolmates, etc.
It's actually a brilliant plan, I suddenly woke up and people with right hearts and mind are being drowned by extremism through immigration.

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forgot where
Posted 10/29/09

Cyberpirate wrote:

Currently in news lately there's been loads of issues about migration to Norway and religion, cultures that they bring which may hurt Norway as a nation. Basically, they demand us to change our lives to meet theirs, which I personally think is wrong. This is what I would call sneakislamifying. Already in some countries which used to be based on Christianity, like England have already adapted to Muslim laws because the political correctness is stopping them from saying no. This is also happening in Norway, we almost got Hijab in the police uniform, but the change was reset because there was so much commotion and nobody wanted it.

Here's a list of changes the Muslims have demanded so far
* Less freedom of speech (Blasphemy law)
* Seperate care for the Muslim elders
* Halal-food served in Norwegian prisons
* Alcoholfree days - Some days where no shops can sell alcohol
* Make Muslim holidays national
* Sex-split swimming pools
* Praying in their workspace
* Sharia Courts
* They want their own banks
* Imam education

This is what that have been pointed out as sneakislamifying of Norway. Many of these points have already been approved in Countries such as England and it's starting here in Norway too. So what I ask that; is the current government party too naive and is afraid to be political correct? or is it simply that all the citizen wants it?

The way I look at it is that we have a problem to integrate those whom come from Muslim countries, we pack them up in suburban places and pack them all together so it's hard for them to adapt to the new society they have come to. As of Norway, we do have Ghetto's and Oslo the capital of Norway is filled with them, but mostly just in certain places of Oslo. What I believe is that if we spread them all around the country they would have had it easier to learn the language and fit more into the Norwegian society, but we don't we pack them all in the same place.

Freedom of speech is something Norway managed to obtain in 1814 and I'm proud that I live in a country as good as this. Now they want us to remove some of that little freedom of speech we have left, by re-instating the blasphemy law (Yes, we used to have it, but we have secularized our society so we removed it) and I believe that this is just a start, and more will follow if we give in (at least when it comes to radical Muslims). Our government is made of 3 parties in Norway, two of the parties have worked for a secularized society, but they want to give in and "religify" the country yet again. Are they just hypocrites or are they afraid of being political correct?

When it comes to serving halal-food in prisons I don't think we should. 30 % of the people in Norwegian prisons are made of migrates whom demands special treatment for their illegal crimes. You are there to learn a lesson or something (I haven't been to jail so I don't know). This goes for all religions, not just Muslims. When you serve your time, you sit there and be quiet.

I'll try my best to explain what I know about the Sharia Courts; As I see it is that Islam is not just an religion, it's a political system that does not support freedom of speech and believe in uppression of women. Such judging shall not take one step into Norway, when they cross the Norway border they should leave their old politic system behind and adapt to the laws of Norway works and not try to make us instate a law order which does not support women at all.

They want their own banks that does not have rents, because that's not allowed by their religion or something, I'm not too updated on the subject, so if anyone wanna fill me in, please do!

Now I want you to understand that I did not create this thread to bash Muslims or anything like that, this is something I've wanted to discuss for a very long time, but I haven't had the guts to say anything due to the political correctness throughout the world. Ever since the incident about Hijab in the police uniform, the party "Fremskrittpartiet" in Norway have set critisism of Islam on the daily agenda it is now easier to discuss these things. That's how I feel. Now, I do not know about the situation much in other places than Norway and England so I would like to hear your thoughts on this. I have been reading some on hwo the situation is in the US and I was lead to this movie I found on Youtube.

This pretty much explains what's happening in Norway and what might be prevented if the right party comes into the government this year. There have also been made some prognosis on the current flow of immigrants coming into Norway each year (which is about 25,000 each year) then there will be more immigrants in Norway by 2050. This is pretty scary when it comes to ethnic Norwegian. Being a minority in your own country is something I don't want to happen and with fresh Muslim political parties starting up which works for their own agenda gives us an idea of what's happening.

I really want some comments back on this on what you views are, and if you're a Muslim please help me debate this issue!

lol, i used to think the same thing about America, but the reality is if u let foriengers run your country, then changes are bound to happen.

Thats the price for having a free society where everyone gets a voice in the government. The whole political correctness and "fair" "equal oppertunities" nonsense limits you from viewing reality.

in reality there is no political correctness, fair, or equal oppertunities. in a free society everyone gets a voice and opinion. And if they get a chance to represent thier views in government, then changes are bound to happen.

But if u dont like these changes, have a dictatorship- where only one ideology is allowed. then u wont have this issue. peace over war
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