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Posted 3/23/09 , edited 3/23/09

More teary scenes are ahead for the Goo-Geum couple in KBS2TV Boys Before Flowers as they go through a farewell date. It's amazing that they are filming scenes today which will be broadcast 2 days later. What a packed schedule this drama is running on.

The farewell date was intiated by Jandi who decides to leave good memories behind with Joon Pyo for the last time after Joon Pyo's mum made life difficult for Ji Hoo and Gal Eul.

Joon Pyo was however clueless about the whole situation and told Jandi, "What day is it today? Either it's someone's birthday or someone strike lottery. You (Jandi) initiated the date and didn't pick a quarrel the entire day. It would be great if everyday could be like this." Joon Pyo then said, "I have a request. Why do you not say you like me. I have already said that many times to you", hoping to hear Jandi confess her feelings to him.

Jandi does adhere to his request, "I like you", "I like you to the point that I tried really hard to not like you, and hoping to forget you. But I just couldn't do it no matter how hard I try", which was followed by Jandi leaning over to kiss Joon Pyo shly on the lips. This particular scene had to be filmed 7 times after being interrupted frequently by the strong winds. This farewell date will be shown this coming Tuesday, episode 23 on 24th March.

credits: coolsmurf
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