To ship side characters with Amu, or not to ship?
Posted 3/23/09 , edited 3/23/09
I've become a big fan of Kairi's cool demeanor and Nagehiko's mature personality, and so I always hope for them to have more screentime, and more screentime with Amu too~

But sometimes I wonder whether it's better off just wishing for their happy love life in general, or to try to ship them with Amu? After all, it feels like "winning" if they get together with Amu, right? I'd rather have one of them with Amu over Ikuto or Tadase, at any rate.

I know, however, that at least one of these two gets shipped with other characters in canon later on in the series, so I don't know which viewpoint to support, haha. What do you all think?


Also, about the topic description ... Amu Hinamori is participating in a popularity contest of sorts, International Saimoe League 2009, and right now she's doing really poorly. It seems she doesn't have enough fans voting for her. So I also come here to ask you guys to help out Amu and vote for her in this round, so that she can enjoy some happiness:

It only takes a minute
, and she'll be all the better off because of it. I know you all are fans of her, so you can help with this by voting for her. Thanks. ^^
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Posted 3/23/09 , edited 3/23/09
i bet if they put tsukiyomi ikuto SC!'ll win lolz XD!! jkjk *but i hope its true lolz*
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