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Which do you think is romantic?
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F / Waffle Town
Posted 3/23/09
Tell me which of these you think are romantic and which ones you would want to do with your boyfriend (this question is more for girls) haha :]
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Posted 5/6/09
Dinner at a fancy restaurant- never. I will never have dinner at a fancy restaurant wearing a dress.
A drive on a motorcycle/ in his car- nope. I don't like accidents.
Just taking a walk in the park holdinghands and talking- is fine with me except the holding hands part, I don't like that.
Getting snuggly in his bed with no one around- that will never happen, what if something happens between us.

Note: I have no feelings of love
Posted 5/6/09
Just taking a walk in a park holding hands and talking... Your alone... together... thats nice ^_^
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