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How much CR is worth.
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Posted 4/18/10 , edited 4/19/10

mizocutie wrote:

MattChristy wrote:

That's a useful website, I'm bookmarking it. Though I don't really care how much CR is worth, its a good way to approximate site popularity and growth.
Estimated value of...

Google: $1,480,000,000
Myspace: $518,100,000
Ebay: $741,668,000
Yahoo: $2,147,483,647 (though that seems kind of fishy to me)
CR: $2,912,000

That Yahoo part must be a lie.

As much as I like Yahoo more than Google... Google is richer than yahoo. I've actually researched on it before and even saw it in a book.

I wouldnt be so sure, true google the organisation itself is absolutly massive, incorporating youtube and facebook, and hosted advertising tools on OTHER websites using their smart advertising based on the same principle that runs the Google sponsored links. As a singular web domain though Google the search engine site is just what I described it as... though in more recent years they incorporated Mail too.

Yahoo tends to be more heavily affiliated and has it's worth set in OTHER businesses, such as with my ISP, their main site a mail are fully incorporated with yahoo... so to say I can access and use all the features of yahoo including yahoo answers, yahoo games, and access my mail from the yahoo website from anywhere using my standard ISP or addresses, my home page also gets all it's news and search from yahoo... google as far as I am aware doesnt offer that sort of service with various companies.

With so much back linking and incorporation into other companies and ISPs, yahoo the domain may well indeed be worth a lot more than google... though company value is something else entirely (google inc. also = facebook + youtube + MASSIVE sponsored advertising network)
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Oh.I dunno.;)But i love cruncyhroll
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one dollar
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