Posted 3/25/09
HHAHAAH lol just doing this one for fun x3 Good luck to all of us<3

1. NinaChii

2. smexcii_tiger_loves_you

3. lauren08

Lol please leave comments. this will be funny x3 settle the fights between us mods. but we could all be cute x]
Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/25/09
-Turbo- no like this =___=
what do u mean settle fight? u guys been fighting?? >X|

neway i was in luff wit nina but she upset me so...

nah im not gona pick anywone im just gona watch ~.~

by the way none of these r u guys best pics
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Posted 3/25/09
Lmao nice competition haha ii wont vote tho
How did ii upset chuu! i dnt even knw ._. cuz i didnt say i wasnt coming on for a few daysz???
idk..O-o... Ohwelssz im srry
Posted 3/25/09
ohh no not that. its nothing fahgettaboutit
its a new day
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Posted 3/25/09
All cute(!) but I just love the smile of the girl on the first pic.
You have my vote

Good luck everybody,
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