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Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/25/09

Your Planet is Mars, Pluto
Your Stone is Ruby, Garnet, Bloodstone, Topaz
Your Colors are Dark Red, Brown, Black, Gray
Your Lucky Day is Tuesday

Best Qualities The ultimate executive, power hungry.

Mysterious and hypnotic, you need to eat plenty of protein-rich fresh fish, shellfish and seaweed to vitalize your sultry skin. The martial, watery sign of Scorpio is one of the least understood signs of the entire twelve. Scorpio produces a number of types. Usually the Scorpio person is of a secretive, timid, retiring nature, one who does not talk of his affairs. But there is another type of Scorpio who is ready to argue at "the drop of the hat," holding our for his point, and he can become very cruel. He usually has an explosive temper, which may, if the horoscope has afflictions, undermine the health. The greatest danger to the health of the Scorpio, however, comes from the generative organs and the ducts through which the excretions of the body pass, such as the urethra (the small canal through which the urine passes from the bladder outward) and the colon, including the anus. The bladder, the sigmoid flexure, prostate gland, pubic bone, the red coloring matter of the blood, and the nasal bones are also under the rule of Scorpio. People born under this sign make good healers, surgeons, doctors, and nurses. But there is often a cruel and tyrannical streak in the Scorpio, and the desire nature is strong, sometimes sensual. Low desires often bring excesses, which may cause the following diseases, expressing themselves according to the planets and the afflicting aspects: syphilis, hernia, scurvy, fistula, piles, inflammation and falling of the womb, uterine troubles, stricture of the prostrate gland, and nasal catarrh.
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Posted 3/30/09
extremely true .. that is my zodiac sign
and really shows most of my personality ^^

thanx for this nice group ^^
Posted 4/1/09
uhm well its true buht lols i didnt know ruby is my name and my birth stone o.o oh.. well idunt know they didnt say ruby ... i've searched for my birth stone of my zodiac sign so idk.. buht its nut complete ^^"
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