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Posted 3/25/09

~Photograph must be taken by you
~you can include a name on ur photograph
~be in color or black and white (ur choice)
~do not cut or paste other pics to urs-be honest about it!
~must be about the topic!
~no stealing others pics unless u ask them


Username: (your username here)
Animal: (put what animal it is)
Title: put ur title here (must have a title)
Pic: (put ur pic here)


the topic is animals! can be of any animal. Competition will start on April 3 (entries can be submitted before the competition.) and end on April 12. if there arent enough entries then the competition will go on until further notice!

*5 or more entries needed for competition to end
*1 photograph per person
*no photoshoping or others (unless u use them to make ur pic black&white or put ur name on them)

-if any questions just ask-
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