What do you think?
Posted 3/25/09
Do you think this group is kinda strange? a story and avatar group and theres not even a story yet!?
Mochie the Creator : hey guys thanks for joining my group The End my story title, please be patient with me im working my best to make the first chapter very interesting and good, so far the story will be about this girl and its suppose to be kinda depressing ^-^ i made this group with Nana/ NarutoFangirl_123095 since i wanted to make a story and she just followed along i thought what can she do? and i knew she liked maikng gfx so i made this group about a story/gfx requesting kinda cool rite? well to inform you don't EVER request anything from me im just the creator yea but i only write The End thats it you want gfx ask the mods but dun ever request anything from me just dun
Well anyways i just wanna hear your opinoins you think this group is kinda strange can you give me
any ideas to make it better and more fun? please tell me i wanna make this group fun
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