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Wacky couple
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Posted 3/29/09 , edited 3/30/09

WrathOfCanis wrote:

witch are the most, crazy, funny or yuckiest couples you can think of?


Ash Pikachu (pokemon).... SEXYYY

VoltorbxElectrode (Pokemon) is that even possible?

InuyashaxKaede (Inuyasha)
Pedobear would be proud

Ikutox Amu's Dad (shugo chara)
just when you though Ikuto was everyone's perfect match

Nina x Euphie (Code Geass)
this girl's dream can become everyone's nightmare

i'll comment first on your picks.

just lol on the pokemon stuff.

and inu yashaXkaede is so pedo. though, she is kikyo's older sis. :))

geh. yaoi on ikuta and amu's dad. though, amu's dad does hate guys for amu since she is still too young. that's a start :))

and the ninaXeuphie, i thought of that too! hahaha. though, i think nina is the more dominant in the relationship.

anyway, my picks..

tsuchiura and tsukimori (la corda d'oro) -- bwahahah.
ryuu and any animal (special a)-- just imagine him getting steady with a particular animal :))
kaname and zero (vampire knight) -- bwaha fights and sucking blood! XD
haruhi and honey (ouran)-- uh.. sweetness? :P
matsumi and chiaki (nodame cantabile) -- disturbing.
Posted 3/29/09 , edited 3/30/09
me x naruto
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