Chap. 1
Posted 3/26/09 , edited 3/27/09
Here's part of the first chapter for my new story The End Plz enjoy and post if yuu like it, i will write more!

Running away as fast as I could even though I knew I was out of breath, but I knew it was going to be the end for me. Then when I could go no farther there a dead end, tears ran down my face and the thing came closer to me “s-stop”! I screamed and then everything went black.

Hi, my name is Kira I’m 16 years old I live with my best friend, Layla Road and her family. Krave her older brother who is 18 years old and her parents, Perry and Elizabeth. Her family owns a shrine that holds many supernatural things. Like guns and bullets that were made especially for demons and spirits and potions that exorcist things like that. As you can see none of us are normal nothing is normal here, the thing that killed my parents live here in shadows behind human disguise. The Road family has been helping track down the thing that killed my parents. But ever since my parents death I’ve been having these strange dreams that I’m being chased after by something. Whatever it is it’s a lead to the “thing” for awhile we got sick of calling the thing the “thing” so today we are going to find out what its real name is.
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