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Posted 3/26/09
Jiro Wang feels pressure taking up 2 consecutive dramas

Selina takes up the post as female lead for the very first time, however things aren’t going smoothly. New GTV drama ‘Love Like Parkway’ invited her and Jiro Wang (Da Dong) to pair up and filming was initially supposed to begin this month. However, filming have suddenly been called off. Rumours suggest that it has something to do with Jiro taking up 2 consecutive dramas, and GTV had second thoughts, hence decided to call off filming, perhaps even deciding to change cast. Selina’s management company expressed that they have been under discussion, but they don’t know who the male lead is, and whether they will accept, has still not yet been finalized.

Manga adaptation; female lead’s dream crushed

This drama is an adaptation of the manga. Half a year ago, they had locked in Selina and Jiro to pair up. However, filming has suddenly been called off because of Jiro; Selina being ‘affected’ and her dream is crushed. GTV programme director yesterday expressed that they haven’t called off the drama, it’s just been delayed, and it has nothing to do with Jiro. The reason is because the character in the manga is too young, they want to raise the age in the drama, but they need permission from the Japanese side, that’s why it has been delayed.

Two consecutive dramas; big pressure

GTV also expressed that ratings aren’t just carried by the main lead, it also depends on the director, script and other actors. According to sources, Jiro previously revealed to a friend that he wants to rest for now, and then decide how to take the next step. Being the male lead for 2 consecutive dramas, he faces a lot of pressure.

Fahrenheit appeared on Taiwan programme “Red Wind” is being shown now in Hong Kong. They appeared with the screams of more than a hundred fans, the host asked questions to let the four members of Fahrenheit to compare their charm index and test their inner talents.

During this period, the host wanted them to show their most charming item, Calvin Chen felt that he is sunshine boy, so he showed the audience brightest smile, even when the host asked him to demonstrate scolding people, Calvin Chen also scolded with a smile on his face, it was exceptionally funny. Jiro Wang on the other hand sang and danced to fans causing the charm index to explode. Aaron Yan, this guy who is afraid of being ugly used his eyes to give off electricity, and rubbed his eyes like those in the mangas. When it was Wu Zun’s turn, he held his fist tight and said, “I’ll perform boxing!” he immediately displayed his moves after finish saying and in the end Wu Zun got the highest charm index.

Besides so, the drama ‘Ai Si Bai Hui’ acted by Jiro Wang and Selina of S.H.E was supposed to start filming this month, however it was stopped suddenly, it was rumoured that it had something to do with Jiro Wang’s schedule, Selina’s company said on the 18 that both parties have contact but they don’t know who is the male lead, and is still not confirmed if they are accepting the drama.


There's another article written by liberty times today which says that Mike might be considered to take the role instead of Jiro. (I personally think the possibility isn't big though since he is currently busy filming another drama with Charlene and will even start filming an upcoming movie in April) Jiro's manager said that Jiro himself does want to accept the drama/role but whatever the result will be is up to his company to decide.
[all 3 information bits credits to JIRO&SELINA THREAD @ ASIANFANATICS]

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F / Seoul
Posted 3/26/09
FIRST RAINIE NOW MIKE CHARLENE SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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28 / F / I Live in ta Skie...
Posted 4/17/09
OMG OMG OMG OMG. I reaaaaalllllly hope that they do act in the drama together even though i have heard people say that the manga wasn't very good. But it would be very cool if Selina acted as a leading role because she has never done that before.

ANWAYS. Fingers are crossed.
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21 / F / Philippines
Posted 4/23/09
oh my gosh!....OMG!...Lord God, let my wish this time come true....I want this drama to be continue!...
I hate everything that is making Jiro and Selina not do the drama!
I'm sure that many will agree in their drama...
oh no...please...i have been wishing for years that this will come...jiro and selina being the lead on a drama!
oh my...oh my...i feel very excited and at the same time depressed coz' this has been delayed for weeks..
omg, anyways, i'll pray for this...!
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Posted 5/21/09
Mike,Selina and Jiro were the previous chosen to be the lead characters in Ai Si Bai Hui/Love Buffet/Parfait Tic but unfortunately they were replaced by Arron Yan,Joanne Tseng and Calvin Chen...
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