Post Reply intruduce!!
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please inroduce your self with the following!!:

describe your self:

thank you..........
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name:christina ----you can call me tina if u like----
describe your self: im thin,short, short hair,im a second year high school,
my mother died lst october 13 2006...i have 6 sisters and
4 far as you can the creator of this group!!
thank you..........
type of angel:fallen angel
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27 / F / In the shitty wea...
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name: Rachie-Chan
age: 17
location: Australia
describe your self: im a bubbly person, though im somehow easy to piss off XD i love the summer, more like the beach but still ^___^
im always seem to be the person who is making a idiot out of myself XD and of course i have flaws, but theres too many for me to list :D
when theres a jumpy/dancing tyoe of songs im always the one who gets up and dances first.. (even if i dance like a idiot XD)
i live with my brothers (partents split, cant live with one of them..)
in my last year of high school (god help me XD)
anything else..
just ask ^____^
type of angel: Dark Angel
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26 / F / World of Weirdness
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name: Ren-Chan
age: 17
location: Philippines
describe your self: i like to stay in a place without any noises, I'm also a very stubborn person...i easily get annoyed... I'm a very impatient fellow.. i dont like someone to wait for me nor i dont like to wait for someone... i'm an evil type of girl, I'm a frank person.. I'm a very very strict person, and also to warn you i'm also a revengeful one, so thats why i choose as a dark angel.. haha,,well anyway so much for my bad side, lets see at my good side... hahaha... I'm a happy go luck person, i love the poeple arond me which isn't plastic.. haha, i can be a very good friend if you are , i'm a very jamming person, i also like animes... hahaha ... ^^
type of angel: Dark Angel

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27 / F / some where on ear...
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name: My names Richelle but you can call me rishi or ri-chan
age: 17
location: Australia
describe your self: ummm i guess you could call me a air head and a klutz, i tend to be one most of the times ><'
but i'm friendly so if anyone wants to buddy or have a chat with me feel free too. umm, i'm very open minded and can tolerated many things, i love food and is extremly lazy at times, i'm infactuated with anything cute and i love animals but i can be very sadistic at times and when pissed can be very dangerous =] well i like to think so anyway
type of angel: i like guardian angels =]
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22 / F / Asia
Posted 3/28/09 , edited 3/29/09
name: tricia, also called as patmarie :)
age: 13
location: philippines xD
describe your self: simple. girly type, silent type , CRAZY
Posted 3/29/09 , edited 3/30/09
name: Annia_mae also known as Nia~chan...
age: 13 1/2
location: Candy land..."join the dark side, we have candies"
describe your self: Im a crazy kind of person...likes to make friends...if you made me angry, you'll see your worst ...I love to SHOP and play at the ARCADE...I love to can see me in the Arcade playing Dance Revolution with my friends....Im always busy but recently online when availabe....In love with J____ A_____ P_____..... Has two older war-aholic brother and one mother-like sister...the youngest among the family....spoiled by my dad and brother(their sweet!!!)...goes in an all girls school... close friends...angelyka_13..._theiyah_...michellegrace...Christie898...pinkish_butterfly..McNica... doesnt say foul language(my mother will slap my face if she heard me once..uwii!!)....Loves my life!!!
Type of angel: Angel of darkness...*evil laugh*
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25 / F / ....everywhere......
Posted 3/31/09 , edited 4/1/09
name: Len -himeluvzu-
age: 16
location: Pearl of the Orient Sea (philippines)
describe: mysterious, quiet., have her good and bad side.,
types of angel: ♥FALLEN ANGEL♥
Posted 4/30/09 , edited 4/30/09
Describe yourself: Restless,Short-tempered,Lazy
Posted 4/30/09 , edited 4/30/09
Name: Ayano Yegumi
Age: 13
Location: Malaysia
Describe: Shy, quiet, active in sports and have a spoilt side...^^
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M / 灼熱地獄跡
Posted 5/20/09 , edited 5/21/09
SUP Peoples!

Name:-DarkMyths- ( DM/Dark/whatever esle)
Location:in Ike's Mereceny Fort
Describe: something like a diffcult hard to solve puzzle (in other words am sorta mysterious)

Posted 5/22/09 , edited 5/23/09
name:rin--just call me anything u want......
describe:just read my profile!
__fallen angel;_______
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23 / Everywhere or Now...
Posted 6/18/09 , edited 6/18/09
Name: hizino
Age: 14
Location: Vietnam
Describle: well my friends said i'm kind, friendly and sometimes moody
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28 / F / sailing on the se...
Posted 6/21/09 , edited 6/21/09
name: Leona or Ayumu both can be used xd
age: 19
location: Germany
describe your self: well i can be nice and friendly but if i m angry or whatever i can be also a fighter. i m not girlish some random peoples i met called me as a boy but i dont mind cause i more like boyish things hehe. I m a Light Angel and even if i look like a Fallen Angel in my true form i m still a Light Angel

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F / Konoha village
Posted 2/17/10 , edited 2/18/10
age: not gonna say
location: not gonna say either
describe your self:umm I don't know how I would describe me...well I'm not mean that's all I will say for now untill I can think of something

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