Character Search: The Elders
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Posted 3/27/09 , edited 3/27/09
WE'RE HAVING A SEARCH FOR THE ELDERS. They'll be appearing in Chapter 1. Just fill out the form below, I'll be choosing the best applications.

The Elders are:
-The Oracle of Memories (has to be female)
-The Maestro (has to be male)
-The Magistrate of Elements (can either be male or female)

An important thing you have to remember is that since it's ELDERS, you will probably have an age range of 40 or older. But keep in mind, you may choose to make your character have a young mind or young appearance.

Fill out the form:
Position applying for:
Background: (Note: This is the most important thing that will be checked)
Why you want or chose this position?

*If you have created a character already, just post their background here and make the necessary adjustments.

Don’t worry if you didn’t get a position since I’m posting another character search soon which have important positions as well.
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Posted 4/13/09 , edited 4/14/09
Position applying for: The Oracle of Memories
Clan: Singer
Element: Ice(trained) and electric(in born)
My Parents both came form the singers clan...both are also have electric powers....they were both famous around the clan because of their tremendous power...they were both also at the one of the greatest in their life time...I was raised perfectly with love and care...with that I have been good to everyone around me...I also had a friend...close friend...he knows every secret I life was perfect...until one day some people barged in our house and tried to take me parents stopped them and tried to run away and escape...I didn't know who are they and what do they want...for the following years we hid away...until they came hunting for us...they went in like lightning and took the life of my parents...I didn't know how i escaped...all i remember that there was someone carrying me and hugged me tight...he was soo warm... many people say that they saw me strolling around the city...and a young lady took me as her own....she has an elemental power of ice so thats why i have 2 powers... but i try to seek my revenge of my parents death and to know the reason about it all...

Why you want or chose this position?
I want the position because I have many things on my mind which is really disturbing me...and I want to help other people who are in my condition as well...I ca feel their hearts in sorrow...just as how I feel...I want the position not only to help myself but others as well...And I also want to see every beautiful memory that one person has...because...every person cherishes the memories he or she has in one life time...
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Posted 5/4/09 , edited 5/4/09
Position applying for:
Clan: The Magistrate of Elements
Element: Moon
Born from a family whom the Moon goddess grants her power. With long black hair and if under the influence of the moon, has silvery-bluish long hair. Learn to play the flute at age six. has a brother who specialize in the medical field. While searching for a place to stay, I heard a melodious sound and found the Melodia Town and decided to stay here.

Why you want or chose this position?
As a child from a family of moon-user, I am close to the elements because the moon helps the element strengthen their power. I want to be of help to others, to help them in either physical or emotional problem. I know that the elements will guide me to the right path.
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