Math Class!
Posted 3/28/09 , edited 3/28/09
This is the Math Classroom lool
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Hahahaha!!!!! Let me start. As a teacher, I'll give you homework on simple algebra.

1) 2 boats travel at right angles to each other after leaving a dock at the same time. 1 hour later they are 25 miles apart. If one boat travels 5 miles per hour faster than the other, what is the rate of each? (Hint: Use Pythagorean Theorem)

2) The sum of two numbers is 23 and their product is 132. Find the 2 numbers.

3) Two technicians an complete a mailing in 3 hours when working together. Alone, one can complete the mailing 2 hours faster than the other. How long will it take each person to complete the mailing alone? Compute answers to two decimal places.
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