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29 / M / Land of darkness
Posted 3/28/09 , edited 7/7/09

2 VS 2 Fight & Midoriiro City

Friday 20/03/2009

(Ironoside puts his hand on his sword)
Ironoside - I think the only thing that i will do today is fighing, but its fine for me now...
Ayoma - ok i will show you the way
(Ayoma smiled)
Ironoside - ...???
Ayoma - did I said something wrong...I said I will show you where you can register for Sora tournament
Ironoside - !!!!!!!
Ayoma - come on I was testing you and I just wanted to see how you will respond and your reaction…that all
Ironoside - testing? hahahahahaahahaha
Ayoma – huh….why you are laughing?
Ironoside - I think all what happened to me today was test but with bad results. And you think results is good?
(Ironoside went out of the restaurant)
Ayoma - hey ..hey…wait I told you I was testing you and I wasn’t playing to make you anger
(Ayoma went after Ironoside)
(Ironoside was standing outside and Ayoma was behind him)
Ayoma – hey are you listening to me?
Ironoside - so did I pass or not from your test?
Ayoma - good bad news…you passed but I think I failed in my test
Ironoside - so where i must go exactly?
Ayoma - we must take this way
Ironoside - we?
Ayoma - yes I want to come too because I am a fighter also
(and they started to move and the big cat was following them)
Ironoside - is this your cat?
Ayoma - yes she is mine. Her name is Kai
Ironoside - Kai???
Ayoma - yes. By the way my name is Ayoma what is your name?
Ironoside - Ironoside you can call me Ironoside
Ayoma - Ironoside?????? {I can’t believe it!!!!!! is this is the kid?}
Ironoside - what is the problem? Is it my name? I know it's strange because someone else told me this too
Ayoma - oh yeah a little strange...{is this kid is the one?....} so Ironoside where is your partner?
Ironoside - partner?
Ayoma- yes the one that you will register with her/him in Sora tournament
Ironoside - ....i don't have one
Ayoma - huh? Do you want to fight solo?
Ironoside - yes
Ayoma - i don't know what is the idea on your mind, but in Sora tournament you will have two vs two fight and if you are alone it will be extremely hard to handle it
Ironoside - .... What about you? Do you have a partner?
Ayoma - yes I have a partner. He was with me before but when we reach here we separate, because I said let’s eat he said he is not hungry so he left and went to city before me.
Ironoside - so you are saying win alone in Sora tournament is something impossible
Ayoma – it’s not imposable but not easy too, and i advice you if me and my partner was your opponents in tournament better for you to not fight him .if you meet him you will see him as normal boy and even so nice but in fight he is completely serious and so strong
Ironoside - so why should I run away?
Ayoma - idiot because he is very powerful he can defeat two or three people together
Ironoside - then I think I will enjoy my fight
Ayoma - why?
Ironoside - I like to battle with strong people
(after an hour walking they were near the city)
Ayoma - we are almost near the city. Ironoside can you stop?
Ironoside - huh? Ok!
(Ironoside stopped walking)
(Ayoma went behind a tree and the cat went with her too)
(after a minute Ayoma came back alone)
Ironoside – huh...where is she?
Ayoma - Kai? She is in a place that no one can reach her
Ironoside - .....???
Ayoma - you know in city I can’t walk along with Kai so I hide her
Ironoside - huh? And why that..I mean what is the reason that doesn’t let you walk with her in the city
Ayoma – because maybe people will get scary, any way let’s move or do you want to be late?
Ironoside - ... ok
(and they start move)
(the city was like a jungle in every spot there were trees, and the houses were made by trees which designed like trees too)
Ironoside – hmm …did we back to forest again?
Ayoma - hahaha no idiot this is Midoriiro’s city the capital of Sora country
Ironoside - but why everything are like trees
Ayoma – yes..well after all its the capital of Sora country, the country that protect natural environment that's why most of Sora country is like forest and green because with this they will encourage people to not destroy trees and the natural environment
Ironoside - so where we must go?
Ayoma - now we are in the city’s west, we must go to the center and there we can register for Sora tournament
(in same time a boy was coming out from a restaurant and he was going to run away)
boy (Dani) - thanks for food and I will pay later
Chef - hey kid stop
Ayoma - oh that's Dani. Dani
(Dani looked back and he saw Ayoma )
Dani - huh? Ayoma?
Ayoma – don’t tell you ate and now you want to run again?
Dani - Ayoma you know ...
(Ayoma went and she hit Dani with a box)
Ayoma - how much i must pay?
Chef - !!!! 56 Zet
(Ayoma pay the money)
Ironoside - and who is this boy?
Ayoma - oh he is my partner that I told you about him, his name is Dani. Dani this is a boy I met him in the middle of the way his name is Ironoside
Ironoside - ....!{is this is her partner???????/?!!!!}
Dani - oh nice to meet you Mr.Ironoside....
Ironoside – oh.. same here .......................................................

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter14

Writer : Ironoside
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 3/30/09
good chapter as always keep going writer
Posted 7/5/09
Nice way to meet .tasting:P Ayoma has get my attention with her big cat ..kai hmm nice name but i will call him meat's ball.(just making fun) …oh she know it irionside, it seems she is stronger and knowledgeable then what I thought
next……next chapter and I will kill you writer if it was not ..great:fury: ...warning
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Posted 6/22/11
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