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24 / F / in my La La Land~
Posted 3/28/09 , edited 3/28/09
They are split into 4 groups
Yamada x Chinen = Love expierence
Yaotome x Arioka x Okamoto = Going on dates on rides
Takaki x Nakajima = Cooking
Inoo x Yabu x Morimoto = Pet dates

Yamada Ryosuke x Chinen Yuri

Yamada: There’s always a whole another mood on Valentines days.
Chinen: Yeah. When I arrive at the school in the morning everyone is all restless and not settled down. Also, many people stay after school even though they don’t have anything to stay in the class room for.
Yamada: I didn’t like such a vibe so I usually went home right away. I just think, you can confess to someone on other days, too.
Chinen: Wait. Didn’t you say you wanted a proper anniversary days?
Yamada: Like coming-of-age day, I want to do a proper anniversary for something I did for myself. But, on Valentines Day, you are the one waiting and you can’t do anything.
Chinen: Boys can confess, too.
Yamada: No way. Actually, I don’t have anyone I like. First of all, Valentines Day for people who doesn’t have anyone crushing on is a rather a sad day. It’s a day I quietly eat chocolates I get from my mother and my older sister.
Chinen: What? You can get chocolates from the family?! I’ve only gotten from friends from school and my neighbors.
Yamada: We both don’t enjoy Valentines Day…
Chinen: If you were to get a real chocolate, how would you want to be received?
Yamada: By hands. I want it in a way she can send her true feelings. I think I’ll be happier if there was a letter or something.
Chinen: A letter? Why not through mail?
Yamada: No, her true feelings won’t be sent. Like a letter of appreciation, if you want to send your true feelings, it’s definitely through letters.
Chinen: I only thought just receiving them was good enough… Thanks, I learned something!
Yamada: By the way, did you know today’s theme was “Our homemade date”?
Chinen: What? Date? Then, why are we wearing camouflage?
Yamada: I was questioning that myself but while talking to you, I think I’m starting to understand why. Isn’t it because we have no experience in love, right?
Chinen: ?
Yamada: As long as we can make progress, I think it means “nothing ventured, nothing gained” (laughs).
Chinen: Wha~t! I don’t want to venture.
Yamada: Can you think of a date plan that will actually work?
Chinen: Yeah. Going out somewhere.
Yamada: Where?
Chinen: …. Where ever she wants to go.
Yamada: You aren’t thinking about it by yourself (laughs)
Chinen: Fine, what about you?
Yamada: If it was the girl I like then, I think just being with her is fun.
Chinen: Is that how it is?
Yamada: I suppose (laughs). I think going somewhere we can both enjoy is my ideal date.
Chinen: Where exactly is that?
Yamada: I want to play outside. Like an amusement park or a park. What we do doesn’t matter.
Chinen: Then, I’ll show her acrobatics that I’m good at and she’ll be in charge of being my assistant!
Yamada: That’s…. I think it’ll be great at first but as time passes, I think it’ll be tough for both of you guys~ because it’ll be cold out (laughs).
Chinen: Fine, we’ll go see Ohno kun’s one man show.
Yamada: Oh, me too. I want to go see (Domoto) Koichi kun’s stage show. Wait, that’s more of where we want to go rather than dates. You have to plan something that’s considerate of the other person, too.
Chinen: What about going to whomever’s house and play with toys?
Yamada: Wow, you just stepped up a notch all a sudden. There’s many kinds of toys, what kind of toy is Chinen going to play with?
Chinen: Air gun ♪
Yamada: Yeah, and her heart is the target… Wait a minute! There’s no use shooting at each other!
Chinen: It doesn’t hurt because it’s an air gun.
Yamada: I don’t think that’s the problem… Are you sadistic by any chance?
Chinen: What? (smiley)
Yamada: Oh well. I want to invite her to my room. If I go to her house, I’ll be nervous and I don’t think I’ll enjoy the time there.
Chinen: But, wouldn’t you want to play games you usually play if it was in your room?
Yamada: Not at all. A girl came over just to see me. We’ll watch TV or DVDs or talk on and on. As we do all that, it’ll be like “Oh, it’s already 8 o’clock?!”
Chinen: Being alone without games or toys… I think I’ll be silent because it’ll be really awkward.
Yamada: In the end, we couldn’t even make a date plan or anything… But, there’s nothing we can do about it. We are inexperienced about everything when it comes to love.
Chinen: Then, shall we ask BEST?
Yamada: Hmm, I don’t know about that. I’m afraid they’ll come up with childish plans.
Chinen: Yeah, you’re right.

Yaotome Hikaru x Okamoto Keito x Arioka Daiki

Yaotome: I love cars so, I can plan a driving date any day (laughs). The car would be a sports car.
Arioka: I want a touring date by a motorcycle.
Okamoto: I’ll do it by bicycle (laughs). But, I have something I want to ask before we start the valentine date talk.
Yaotome ・ Arioka: Ask anything!
Okamoto: We don’t do this in England so I’m not really sure but do you return the actual chocolate you get from Valentines day for
White day?
Yaotome: What?! She’ll be hurt if you do that (laughs). You give back with cookies or snacks in Japan.
Arioka: or marshmallows.
Yaotome: Okay, I’ll make the plan first. It’s valentines day so, the girl would have the chocolate and she had it in the car but it was slightly melted by the time she was going to hand it to me. That’s why the car would be a convertible and we’ll drive to an ocean to cool down the chocolate. It’ll be just right by the time we decided to eat it while listening to the sound of the ocean. I think we’ll be
pretty cold by then, too (laughs)
Okamto: Amazing planner!? I want to go to a park by bicycle and spend time by relaxing.
Arioka: Keito~, relaxing is good, too but you have seaweed around your mouth from the snacks (laughs). Are the bicycles mountain bikes? Or mama-chari [kind of bicycles for houswives] ?
Okamoto: Mountain bike. But, I don’t ride them that much. I’m sort of afraid of bicycles.
Yaotome: Than, you can’t have a bicycle date (laughs)
Okamoto: I feel more safe walking than bicycling
Arioka: I want to help her get on the back of the motorcycle and give her a helmet to wear. The destination will be some where enjoyable like aquariums.
Yaotome: Aquarium. Why don’t you get a yacht rather than a motorcycle? You’ll call up by telling her “just wait by the shore” and then Arioka will appear on a yacht (laughs)
Arioka: That’s cool ~♪
Yaotome: Then, you tell her “the wind is pretty good right now so, let’s go!” laughing, the point is to have your 2nd tooth from the left
Arioka: What!? Why?
Yaotome: You’ll have your tooth painted black. The plan is to have the black tooth stand out when you smile.
Arioka: No way. That’s not necessary.
Yaotome: What do you think, Keito?
Okamoto: Umm, I think bicycles are better than yacht. Because Arioka kun’s hair is…. Like a bicycle (!?)
Arioka: What!? (laughs)
Yatome: Well, you are right, Arioka is like a bicycle. Like the person who pumps air in them or something (laughs).
Okamoto: So, 2 bicycles….
Yaotome: Riding on a bridge over the ocean with the two bicycles, right Keito?
Okamoto: Yup (smiling)
Arioka: Okay then Keito, since you just said you were afraid of bicycles and feels more safe walking. So, you look like you’ll be kind enough to give a piggyback for grandma so why don’t you have “piggybacking your girlfriend dates” (laughs).
Yaotome: You’ll tell her “Let’s have a date from A to Z today” while giving her a piggy back. A is for apple so, apple picking. B is for book so, to a library.
Arioka ・Okamoto: That’s cool~!
Yaotome: C is eating chocolate…
Okamoto: What? (with “how long are you going to do this?” kind of face)
Arioka: Reaching to Z will be hassle.
Yaotome: The last Z is Zepp Tokyo (live house) and the day ends with a live rap song by telling her “this song is dedicated for you”.
Arioka: so cool~!
Yaotome: Because Keito is good at English.
Okamoto: That’s amazing, you thought of all that?
Arioka: Then, let’s revise Hikaru kun’s plan, too. The convertible should be still used.
Okamoto: A driving date with “A/あ” through “N/ん” (laughs)
Yaotome: putting my A to Z plan to use? (laughs)
Okamoto: A is go to Asakusa. I is going see Inoo kun (“Don’t come to my house without asking me” by Inoo). U is Ueno.
Arioka: They are all places. It’ll be nice if you top it off with somewhere romantic.
Yaotome: It’s “n/ん”. I’m really interested now (laughs). What are you going to do?
Okamoto: Umm, you’ll end it by saying “Umm [n~/ん~], I had fun today” (laughs)
Yaotome: (laughs), I see! Keito is A through Z and I was A through N right? Then, Arioka’s date will be starting from 1?
Arioka: Wait a minute. Mine would never end (laughs).
Yaotome: Just to 100 for now. Go meet Ichiro for 1. Go meet Jiro san for 2 (laughs).
Okamoto: Is it Saburo san for 3?!
Yaotome: No, it’s go meet Sanma san.
Arioka: Woah, that‘s a tough challenge!
Yaotome: 4 is Yonsama, 5 is Inagaki Goro kun, 6 is Mutsugoro san …
Arioka: There’s pretty big number of people. But, this date is mostly meeting people.
Yaotome: Oh and 8 is Yaotome’s house.
Arioka: That’s not possible (laughs).

Nakajima Yuto x Takaki Yuya

Nakajima: (uses a spatula as a mike) Umm, please tell us Hey!Say!JUMP’s popular guy ・Takaki kun’s way to spend Valentines Day!
Takaki: What, me!? I try not to go outside on February 14th. Because it’ll be hectic if I go outside. There’ll be lots of girls who wants to give me chocolate. It’ll be annoying with all the “please take this” and stuff.
Nakajima: … Takaki kun, you’re an adult right? Don’t do that! That was such a lie.
Takaki: Oh, you caught me. You said “popular guy” so I thought I’ll go with that flow (laughs).
Nakajima: I was thinking “I don’t want to be this kind of adult” while listening to you.
Takaki: Hahaha, really!? But, I was just kidding about everything I’ve just said (laughs). Last year I went to go see New York show with Yabu kun, Hikaru kun and Arioka kun. We were talking about how we won’t get any chocolates that year. It was rather a sad thing.
Nakajima: How many chocolates do you get a year?
Takaki: About average, just average.
Nakajima: How much is just average?
Takaki: 20 to 30...?
Nakajima: Wha wha whaaat!? My “average” is 2 or 3! You get 10 times more..
Takaki: No no. Honestly, 20 to 30 was in my popular period.
Nakajima: When was that?
Takaki: 5th grade.
Nakajima: Early popular period!
Takaki: Shut up! (mad)
Nakajima: Let’s set that aside… Do you know why we are dress like this, this month? Did you know the setting is ‘making chocolate with your girlfriend on valentines day’.
Takaki: Oh, sounds good! If I had a girlfriend, I’d want to make it together, too. Also, I want to be with her as much as possible.
Nakajima: Really? I’d want my valentines chocolate to be more of a surprise. When you have a girlfriend, you know you’ll get one
for sure. But I want to feel what’s it like to be the one waiting “when will she give it to me..” kind of thing!
Takaki: So childish. It’s more fun to make it together. She can be like “Open wide♪” when we are taste testing.
Nakajima: Oh, I get it, I get it! Then you accidentally eat all the chocolate. I see it now!! (ßwhile in sort of a high mood) but… I don’t think I’m ready with that kind of stuff. I’m blushing just thinking about it.
Takaki: Is it usually chocolate when making valentine stuff?
Nakajiama: I guess. I want real chocolate than normal chocolates. Oh and this is just an advice to girls. I think you should make heart shaped chocolate or something cute molded after his face. That’d surely leave an impression and I think your true feeling will be sent!
Takaki: Yuto wants that kind of chocolates huh? That’s cute.
Nakajima: Then, how about you?
Takaki: I want a chocolate banana. I wouldn’t care if it’s chocolate or not, I just want to make something with my girlfriend. I think it’ll be fun if it was some clumsy girl who isn’t good with at cooking or with her hands. If it was someone who’s really good at
cooking, she might say “you’re in my way” when I’m standing next to her in the kitchen. That’d be sad (laughs).
Nakajima: I think you’d act like a little kid demanding her attention. By saying something like “Me don’t know how to make this ♪” [he actually said “tsukurikata wakann nyai/作り方わかんにゃい” nyai/にゃい being the childish part]
Takaki: hahaha!! Sure, I think I’ll be like that if she’s good at cooking or an older person. But there‘ll be no “Me don’t know ♪"! Not ever!! (laughs)
Nakajima: Are you sure? You seem like you’d say it.
Takaki: No way! Just to let you know, I can cook.
Nakajima: Really!? What can you make?
Takaki: Rather than what… it’s more lilke, make anything with what ever in the fridge. I can make anything like fried rice.
Nakajima: Wow, that’s amazing! I can’t cook at all. The best I can make is fried egg. Even if guys don’t usually cook, don’t you think it’s cool when guys take the lead during barbecue and cook something tremendous? Cook the fish you fished or make paella… Man’s cooking doesn’t care about quantity. That’s where I’m heading for!
Takaki: That sounds good! I think it’s possible for guys to return the favor for Valentines by barbequing.
Nakajima: Yeah. I think returning with a memorable memories are better than a gift. But girls might say something like “I don’t want to barbeque because bugs might come out”. Forcing her seems cruel…
Takaki: Yuto, sure is nice. I wish I could’ve said something like that (bitter laugh).

Yabu Kota x Inoo Kei x Morimoto Ryutaro

Yabu: Our teams is in charge of “pet date operation” so, let’s start off by asking who here have a pet?
Inoo ・Morimoto: Me!!
Morimoto: I have a pet hamster.
Inoo: I have 2 dogs. What about Yabu kun?
Yabu: I’ve never had a pet before but I think I want one in the future when I start to live on my own.
Inoo: Taking care of a pet by yourself will be a hassle. My parents take care of them so I only play with them when I feel like and
bathe them.
Yabu: Sure it’ll be “I have no sense of responsibility to take care a life of a living thing!!” (a line from a stage)
Inoo: Sounds a bit like ‘SHOCK’ (laughs). Do you take care of your hamster, Morimoto?
Morimoto: I do! Wait, no I don’t!
Yabu: Which one is it (laughs).
Morimoto: It’s my little sister’s hamster so she doesn’t let me hold it that much.
Inoo: Male or female?
Morimoto: Female, 3 month old. It’s really cute.
Inoo: What do you play with your hamster?
Morimoto: On my body, I play by letting her on my back or my stomach. A cat in my neighborhood has been keeping his eye on her and he comes by from time to time. She was attacked by and almost eaten once but my mother saved her.
Yabu: But picking places for dates with hamster by your side seems difficult (laughs).
Inoo: Hamsters should be at home. You could say “I have hamster. Come stop by my house”. Then, when she comes, Ryutaro will be wearing a hamster costume (laughs)
Yabu: Sounds cute but it’s hard to date with Shintaro being there at Ryutaro’s house.
Inoo: Then, do you want to take your girlfriend and your hamster to near by park? But no outing since you’re still in elementary
school (laughs). Also say good bye to her by 5 o’clock.
Morimoto: Yes sir (laughs).
Yabu: Ryutaro is still innocent so… (Morimoto looks very happy), he might get too absorbed with the hamster and forget about his
girlfriend. Then, his girlfriend will say “hey!” (laughs).
Morimoto: I’ll be careful
Yabu: Next, Inoo’s date plan is certainly at park. Doesn’t Komazawa Park sounds good? I heard it’s known for meeting with dogs.
Inoo: That’s good. When I take my dog for a walk, she’ll be taking her dogs and both of our dogs will starts to play around then the pet owners themselves gets know each other more. She’ll be smiling if I take my dog to a date and our distance might get closer.
Yabu: That’s what I’m talking about, even if the conversation ends, there’ll be no awkward silence since you can pay attention to your dog.
Inoo: But dogs are selfish. They’ll be taking a dump without noticing the situation around them and that might get more awkward (laughs)
Morimoto: It’s okay. Inoo kun looks like he’ll be nice to both girls and the dogs!
Inoo: (blushing) okay next is Yabu’s date platn. Yabu will go to a pet shop with a girl and say “Look, his cute~” or let her pick the dog you’ll be taking care of when you live around or let her name the dog.
Yabu: Sounds good but I don’t want scary looking dogs.
Morimoto: Like big police dogs?
Yabu: Yeah. It have to be little ones. Mini shiba inu or miniature dachshund. But living on my own is something far into the future so think of something that doesn’t have anything with animals.
Morimoto: Yabu kun is an adult so a elementary kid like me can’t make a date plan..
Yabu: It’s okay, just make one!!
Morimoto: Okay, since you don’t have a pet, what about a date at a amusement park? Yabu kun seems like he’ll look troublesome until he get’s to destination but once he gets there he’ll be running around.
Inoo: Yeah, I think he’ll be showing a side of him that he never shows to us.
Morimoto: Yabu kun looks like he’s usually very cold to girls
Inoo: Yabu has an intense gap between when he’s really nice and when he’s really mean.
Yabu: But Inoo can’t get enough of my tundere-ness [tsundere = conceited personality later turns into loving person] right?
Inoo: Hahaha, no (laughs)
Yabu: It’s really bothersome, you give me morning calls every morning and you always call me at night before you go to sleep because you can’t sleep without hearing my voice (laughs).
Inoo: I’ve never said that. Do people really misunderstand you sometimes? (laughs)
Yabu: But aren’t you madly in love with me?
Inoo: See~, Ryutaro is looking at us with cold eyes.
Morimoto: No, I was just thinking you guys are cute.
Inoo: you’re looking down at us like an adult (laughs). I have a question for such an adult! What do you give on White day in return for the chocolate you got from your crush?
Morimoto: A stuffed animal!
Yabu: So elementary (laughs) like a teddy bear?
Morimoto: A bunny or turtle (laughs). Then what are you guys giving in return?
Yabu: My passionate hug~ (laughs)
Inoo: Crap. I was about to say “passionate hug” (laughs).
Yabu: You really are madly in love with me (laughs).
※White day is on March 14th where guys give back to girls who gave them chocolates.

NOTE! This is NOT from Me. I did NOT translated this. I got this from [email protected] livvejournal. Please stop by and give her credits ^^
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26 / F / 伊野尾慧 LOL, ahaha.....
Posted 4/5/09 , edited 4/6/09

Inoo: Crap. I was about to say “passionate hug” (laughs).
Yabu: You really are madly in love with me (laughs).

love it!XP hehehehe
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25 / F / Manila, Phil
Posted 4/13/09 , edited 4/13/09

i love tAkaki And yUto's cOnversaTion..
i realLy wAnt yuto to bEcOme mai boyfRiEnd..
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