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22 / M / Where ever Sasuke...
Posted 3/28/09
Hiya this is the place to say hello and a bit about yourself...and don't worry we won't bite XD
Posted 3/28/09
my name's Breanna.
im 16 years old.
a junior in high school
likes: rubiks cube, math, stuff
dislikes: more than i can list
hobbies: secret
Posted 3/30/09 , edited 3/30/09
my name is ichigo
im 13 years old
im in junior high
i like anime, mangas, drama, and a lot of other stuff
i dont like fakes and posers
x3 and no im not emo
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24 / F / Scotland
Posted 4/5/09
Yo, I'm Kylie im 18 years old and i like doing aviis and stuff
Posted 4/5/09
Hey! Everyone! They call me angel or katie.
I'm not much of revealing my identity.(yet) xD
I ♥♥♥ anime, graphics, friends, & being in my world
(in other words my fantasy)
I don't like those negative people who criticizes or hurt others. >=/
I may not be emo but I support them ♥
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20 / F / Asia
Posted 4/7/09
im trishee
frm phils
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22 / F / sumwhere out there
Posted 4/7/09 , edited 4/7/09
i'm hana!
13 yrs old girl from malaysia!
and i may be queit a nerd and also happy-go-lucky :D
i'm addicted to twilight..i'm also one of the girls who are tooooo obsessed to twilight..hihi
i like to read books which why my frenz call me a nerd..
i also love and queit good in playing handball..
i'm currently staying at this very stupid hostel.which we all don't like..
that's all,..the end~
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22 / F / Singaporeee
Posted 4/8/09
Rense here ,
from Singapore (:

loves to make avis , & watch animes ~ is friendly & does bite :B
Posted 4/8/09
ur avi tht u have up is cool
Posted 4/8/09

Yo people!
Bleeh ! Kinda got bored so . . . ×D

Hiiiiiii! My real name is Julianne ... which i dont like! >=3
I`m 15 ! <<< luvin it :)
i laaaaaaaav to smile, hug, cuddle, cheer people!
i hate fakes, i hate tomatoes and mushrooms, i HATE MATHS! [no offence to: NaruHina_4eva ] xD
oh i forgot! i luv dinosaurs, and my randomly freaky world ~smiles~ rawwwr!

im an emo ;33 ×D
Posted 4/8/09
lol ill do this o.O let u know some things about the creatwor hehe ^^

My name is Dhruvi [its indian for closet star to heaven] i hate my real name so i stick to Dark [the total opposite of my name >.>]
ima 15 years old and proud of it! woot ill be 16 soon >.> ill be old X__x
hahaha im currently taken by a sweetheart *blushes* >////////>
I dont like meanies, assholes, math at all >.< i suck at it tht is y!
i like to make graphics! rawwr hehe ^^ and i love sweet things!
im an emo and im proud of it so ha take tht crazy world! *runs and hides* dont hurt me

and well pretty much that is me >.< nothin special!
p.s im ugly rawwrr tyler! hahaha and Julianne
Posted 4/9/09
hey the names Mimi *says in serious voice* *laughs* jk jk xD my name is Mimi but my real name is Samantha but dont call me that
I'm a junior in high school and well i have photoshop but i dont use it much except cropping stuff lolz.. and well i love havin my sis make avis for me (love you emocookie) xD
I have a bf x3 and ummm i love twilight! i get depressed or angered easily! jus a warning dont make me mad!!! lolz
Posted 4/10/09
WELL! I'M A Vampireee. AHAHA lol
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22 / M / canada
Posted 4/13/09
hi i am adrian miller or littlebastard1 or [email protected] or emo king or the demon voodoo king i am nice to most people and i am a 14 soon to be 15 year old boy and i am emo
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27 / F / at home
Posted 5/9/09
hi there every one my name is stephanie but everybody call me angel or diva if u want to kno more about me just ask or pm me
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