Post Reply What made u lyk Skip Beat?
Posted 3/28/09
Jus tell us why u lyk Skip Beat either the Manga or Anime.

My first impression of Skip Beat Manga was lyk "wierd beggining"
Then it was gettin interestin so i didnt stop readin it.
Every chapters den was full of exciting lol
Very funny, really cute and the drama and emotional was awesome.
I was touched so i was so addicted to it and made me rly love it, not jus lyk.

I think the anime is ok and all but i dont rly feel somethin when i watch it.
Dont feel excitement and how Kyoko is good and how serious they are u know what im sayin?
I love the Manga better lol xD
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F / Surrounded By Hel...
Posted 8/6/09
I read Volume I when it came out in the US of A. Then I searched for the scanlations but no one updated for quite some time.

Kyoko was so funny. I loved her evil spirts or ghost. It doesn't only focus on the triangle between Sho, Kyoko and Ren but also on her journey to becoming an actress and how she overcomes obstacles. I hated Sho at first because he left Kyoko and was extremely overbearingly arrogant and didn't realize that he actualy like Kyoko. But it was funny to see Sho and Kyoko interact and argue with each other. And Ren realizing that it would take much more to take place in Kyoko's heart.

Ren... Hmm... My first impression of him was that he was really tall. I was sorta just neutral. But then all this drama between Ren and Kyoko and Kyoko's obliviousness was so cute and heartwarming. We (as I'm writing this) don't know much about his past except that he was a playboy, was dangerous and he had blond hair. o.O Well, he still dangerous and he is a playboy but more oblivious to his own feelings.

When they announced that the anime was coming up I was really excited. When I saw the anime though, I was disappointed. Ren didn't really look like Ren, Kyoko looked a lot different, it just stopped short of my expectations. And now that they've ended it, are they going to even come out with a second arc?

As you can see (or you didn't see if you just scrolled down and decided not to read my blabbing) I totally love the manga more than the anime. x)

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