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China's High Tech Execution 'Death Van'
Posted 7/12/09
O.o...wats tats?
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Posted 7/13/09
Wow thats scary.. ¬.¬ I hate the way people "deserve death" ...I dont think there is such thing.
However when it comes to murder...
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Posted 4/16/10
guys, its telling u 2 b good people. plus, its decreasing the population. the earth is going to explode if we dont stop reproducing.
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Posted 5/3/10
I may be an old fashion person, but why make the death painless? Why make it so every expensive. Wouldn't it be easier just to behead them?
Posted 5/14/10
no idea what this is about.
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Posted 5/24/10
Forgetting all about china's huge population, i'm totally against the death penalty, even for criminals and murderers. An eye for an eye is so not the way to go for punishing prisoners. They should live with their crimes because killing them would let them have the easy way out, especially if they're sedated beforehand, meaning they just won't feel any pain at all. They should be reminded of the crimes they've committed and made to feel guilty.
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Posted 5/2/11
A van execution chamber can only mean they intend to use it for quickly getting rid of opposition to The Party. Someone's speaking out against The Party? Arrest them, then pull this puppy up to their house and quickly get rid of them. When you do it in a residential area, that quickly tells everyone "oppose us, and this is what you get." I have nothing against the Chinese people, it's their government that's evil.
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