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Posted 3/29/09 , edited 3/29/09
There this story that I was working on since the 6th grade (now 10th) and I finally got it down (actually got it down since last year...but forget it). BUT.... the problem is I still can't think of a perfect Title. Anyway, the storyline is listed below. So if those who are taking the time to read this and you have a title do tell me.

Well here's the story:

A long forgotten legend…

Many millenniums ago, where demons strode the countryside among the tribes of man…stood a legend, now lost to the world, written in a forgotten text spoke of a being whose body would hold the blood of all creatures. This being was known as the Nakrra. The Nakrra was said to be part of Azrr’s bloodline, who was a legend himself. It is said that because Azrr was the first to killed the Devil‘s child, his bloodline alone is the only one that is to create the Nakrra. For the Nakrra is not yet born.
Within each generation of Azrr’s bloodline, a new creature is to be added to insure that the Nakrra has the blood of all creatures. Within that generation, the one who is to pass this trait is called the Azrra, they are the incomplete Nakrra. The Azrra is to be born the second child. The first child, with some of the characteristics of the Azrra parent, is to act as a guide and protector for the new-born Azrra. And the pattern continues.
Once the Nakrra is born, the Nakrra must be protected at all cost. Because the Nakrra’s blood is the key to opening the Grates of the Life and Death. What lies beyond those grates is the Burning Crystal. The Burning Crystal is a jewel with a power beyond imagination. A power that can have even the mightiest of warriors fall to their knees.
Because of its great power, it was hidden at the center of Earth. Its gates close…until the arrival of the Nakrra…

...come true…

Now in the late 20th century, the last Azrra has been born. The Azrra and his human mate can now bear the Nakrra. If the Nakrra is born male, his seed cannot produce the Great Evil.
But, if the Nakrra is born female, she can bear the Great Evil and the war to end all wars will begin before its time. And the Devil’s side might even win.
Unfortunately, the Nakrra is born female. And the Devil’s new breeds of demons are searching for her. Is that why they hide in the shadows of your dreams, the darkest corners of your mind. Waiting to come out…waiting for the War of Ages to begin…or had Lucifer found her already…

...but untold to the world.

Kaitlin 1 average 10th grader living in North New Jersey with her grandfather. 2 A girl that forever gets into trouble with her Math teacher.

Meanwhile, Kaitlin gets this letter from this school in New Jersey called St. James Cross School. A school for very “unique” children. There’s three exams to take in order to enter the school. Exam I is a simple sheet to full out and answer. Exam II is an physical test. But Exam III isn’t exactly what you would call a test. It’s more of a vacation, since it’s located at a newly discover island between South America and Africa! With waterfalls that reach over sixty-nine feet in the air, beaches that runs for miles. And a never-ending supply of coconut. A true paradise.
Will, that is until nightfall and the frantic cries that begins to be heard…

If you like this storyline.....PLEASE comment and leave a title.

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