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24 / F / Sιиgαρσяε
Posted 4/1/09
►Name: Gina
►Nick: Yuna
►Age: 15+
►Location: Singapore
►Hobbies: Watching animes and reding mangas
►Likes/Dislikes: Kawaii things / blood cossy things
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22 / F / In the jaws of a...
Posted 4/1/09 , edited 4/1/09
►Name: Isabella
►Nick: Bella/Isa
►Age: 13
►Location: Philippines
►Hobbies: Reading, writing, playing with Photoshop, surfing the net, eating sweet stuff, and sleeping in...
►Likes/Dislikes: I love reading and writing, eating pastries and sweet food, surfing the net, reading manga, and... being optimistic. I hate meanies, liars, perverts, being scolded, and bad people. Oh, yeah, and I hate horror movies and scary stuff. And people who purposely try to scare me for no reason. >:(
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23 / F / Edmonton
Posted 4/1/09
Marianne Madrazo

Mayu / Koolkatt



Making Aviis / AMVs, Watching Anime, Reading

Mayu likes Anime, Music, Manga, Sweets & Cute Things x3
Mayu dislikes a lot; Liars, Gossipers, & Waking up early xP
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26 / F
Posted 4/2/09
►Name: Katarzyna
►Nick: Kasia
►Age: 17
►Location: poland
►Hobbies: drawing
-japanes music
-chatting with friends

-rude people
-dubbing in anime

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25 / F / Se-La-Ngor,Malaysia
Posted 4/3/09
►Name: Mai
►Nick: Yukira
►Age: 16
►Location: Malaysia
►Hobbies: Watching anime, reding manga, listening jmusic & others...
►Likes/Dislikes: good person,,^^,,/bad person,,><,,
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22 / F / Asia
Posted 4/3/09
►Name: well my full name is patricia marie matalog
►Nick: trish, trisha, trishee patmarie .. pats .. patro :D
►Age: 13
►Location: im from PHILIPPINES :))
►Hobbies: internet surfing .. eating .. listening to music .. watching animes && dramas .. singing .. dancing .. :p
►Likes/Dislikes: i like KAWAII THINGS as well as pink things!
i love foods, especially cakes pies and ice creams .. also,.. pastas !! X3
i love formal clothes and all new ones .. i mean im "IN FASHION"
i never go out of fashion .. haha c:
i love big sunglasses and headbands ..
i love clips too, as longa s theyre pink and cute !!

i hate .. screamos .. emos .. anything related to that ..
i hate copycats liars backstabbers backfighters even though sometimes im like that .
i hate oldies ..
haha .. and maybe thats all fer now
Posted 4/8/09 , edited 4/8/09
►Name: Celine Cortez
►Nick: Miki-chan, Selina-chan, Miku-chan, mommy, omouto-chan
►Age: 15
►Location: California
►Hobbies: making avatars, banners, calling my bf or my bff
►Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Reading Manga, Listening to any music that i like best, watching Anime, and chatting

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24 / F / In God's Hands
Posted 4/10/09
►Nick:Shery or Shery-chan
►Location:Korea (I'm from Philippines but I live in different country now~) ><
►Hobbies:Watching, Reading, Play my keyboard or piano, Drawing, Sleeping..
►Likes/Dislikes:Food XP, liars, backstabbers..
Posted 4/11/09
Introduce Yourself
►Name: Alison
►Nick: Candii chii, candy chan, hime chan
►Age: 15
►Location: __Candii Palace Lol jks O_o
►Hobbies: watching, surfing net, listening to music, hanging out wif friends, msn blabla and so on
Likes : my besties, friends, family, sweets, teddies, cute stuff
Dislikes: creepy crawlies and many more >.<
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22 / F / BOO !! scared ya...
Posted 4/12/09

xoxo_love wrote:

Yukino Miyako
15 years old
Asia Gal

Introduce Yourself

►Name: Konatsu
►Nick: Kona-chan
►Age: 13
►Location: Malaysia
►Hobbies: drawing, internet, play psp, read manga
►Likes/Dislikes: likes: sweets, friends, family, puppies, babysitting babies (lol); dislikes: bugs
Posted 4/13/09 , edited 4/13/09
►Name: Christina
►Nick: Christi
►Age: 12, turning 13 next month! ^_^
►Location: New York
►Hobbies: Doodling, computer, DS Lite, reading, t.v.
- smexxii bishies
- food
- sleeping
- stuffed animals
- sweets
- junk food
- anime music
- backstabbers
- haters
- meanies
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F / In the Kitchen
Posted 4/13/09 , edited 4/13/09
►Name: Kassey
►Nick: Kuri-chan / Kurikiya
►Age: 18
►Location: Canada
►Hobbies: cooking, watching anime, writing
►Likes: cats, baked goods, animes, mangas
►Dislikes: bugs, copycats, annoying people, homework (so sick of it)
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23 / F / Where my favorite...
Posted 4/14/09
►Name: Krisppina Krissanta
►Nick: Harnett
►Age: 14
►Location: Philippines
►Hobbies: Watching anime, Reading, Writing, Sleeping
►Likes: Dogs, Anime, TV, Books, Fanfiction, Manga, Japanese Music
►Dislikes: Idiotic people, cockroaches, snakes, frogs, my brothers, writer's block
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29 / M / in Heaven
Posted 4/14/09
Name: 3271865
Nick Name: Don-Kun
Age: 20 years old
Location: you can ask me if you want...
like and dislike: you can ask me too if you want....
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23 / F
Posted 4/18/09
►Name: Mink Shiraishi
►Nick: _Mink_
►Age: 15
►Location: Viet Nam
►Hobbies: Watching anime, Reading, Writing, Sleeping, Editor
►Likes: Animal, Anime, TV, Books, Manga, Japanese Music, Cute stuff
►Dislikes: Darkness, scary thing, blood, bugs...
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