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Posted 4/23/09
Name : -xIsebella
Nick : Lulubell-chan
Age : 13
Location : S'pore
Hobbies :
~ Reading Comic Book
~Listening to Japanese, Korean, English & Chinese Music
~ Watch Anime & Drama online
~ Hanging out with Friends
~ Singing
~ Shopping

Likes/Dislikes :
Likes :
~ Chocolate
~ Anime
~ Comic Book
~ Japanese, Korean & Chinese Music
~ Drama

Dislikes :
~ Liar
~ Back-stepper
~ Too much Homework
~ School (Sometimes)
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21 / F / in your jacket po...
Posted 4/24/09
my name is TIARA
i'm 12 YEARS OLD
and i'm a FILIPINA
i live in the PHILIPPINES..^^,
Posted 4/24/09

xoxo_love wrote:

Yukino Miyako
15 years old
Asia Gal

Introduce Yourself

►Nick:Mimi or Misa-Chan
►Hobbies:..... Uh can't think of any
►Likes/Dislikes:Likes: Shugo Chara Icecream friends And Sugar!
Dislikes: Lies liars D.E. Bugs cheaters and low sugar treats!
Posted 5/4/09
Name: Mary Angeline (English) Tomoyo (Japanese)
Nick: Angel (English) Tomo-chan (Japanese)
Age: 13 (gonna be 14 this coming August^^)
Location: Philippines
Hobbies: drawing, singing anime songs (sometimes)
Likes: Sweet foods, Teddy Bears and Bunnies
Dislikes: Studying (sometimes), liars, perverts, and creepy things
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Posted 5/5/09 , edited 5/5/09
➤Name: jackelin
➤Nick: jacky
➤Location: North America
➤Hobbies: read manga,draw,listen to music,watch TV and USE MY COMPUTER
➤Likes/Dislikes: cute stuff, guys, friends,places,icecream,candy/spiders,to c ppl sad
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