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Shining Inheritance - Life Is Beautiful [K-Drama 2009]
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Posted 6/15/10
Haha, I'm rewatching this On ep 16
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Posted 2/19/11

If you haven't watched the show, please do not read. I didn't see anywhere in the rules where scenes couldn't be discussed, to I'll just give the warning above. If you haven't watched the show and don't want to know certain outcomes, don't read.


I watched the entire series and I have to admit, this was the most seamless Kdrama I've seen. The characterizations were done excellently as well.

My focus is on the emotional aftermath of the three (half) siblings, and whom I sympathized with the most. It may surprise some whom I selected.

Conventionally, most people would pick Eun Sung as the most aggrieved of the sisters. Indeed, her situation was incredibly dire, with the awareness of how traitorous her step-mom and step-sister turned out to be, and the financial difficulties in taking care of her autistic brother, Eun Woo. Of course, his autism and helplessness endeared many as well to sympathy.

But to me, the person I most felt for was Seung Mi. I mean, I don't think she had ANY happiness in the show at all until the very end, and yet, it still tugged my strings.

Consider the fact that Eun Sung's dad was always loving and caring for his family, and revered his first wife and Eun Sung - Eun Woo's mother. Indeed the first half of Eun Sung's life, she was very secure and happy.

On the other hand, Seung Mi was raised by a mother who was solely interested in money, and she was beaten routinely by her alcoholic, rich father until he died. Then when her mom remarried, she married a man who was looking to replace Eun Sung's and Eun Woo's mother in love. But Seung Mi's mom was more interested in financial security than love.

So now Seung Mi's role models had been an opportunistic mother and an abusive father. She had never experenced true, uninhibited love from a caring family, unlike Eun Sung and Eun Woo.

Then, after the marriage, she experienced a new sort of shunning: that of a step-father who was clearly more fatherly to his own children than to his step-daughter. This was most probably un-intentional, as he was looking more for his own children to experience a complete family than for his step-daughter to be included in that family. Finally, the step-mother herself was more interested in material goods than love... and Seung Mi found herself on the outside yet again.

Even though she was a better student, her step-dad sent Eun Sung was the one sent abroad for study. Eun Sung was the one her dad talked to for thirty minutes every evening, while Seung Mi was excluded. So she did what most abused or neglected children did - turn outside the family for comfort, where she found Hwan. In addition, she never acquired the confidence to assert herself as a young woman, as she most probably would have with a decent father/daughter relationship.

When the collapse occurred and the father died, everyone went into a panic, and Seung Mi depended on her mom as she had been manipulated by her all her life. She had never been comfortable; indeed, she'd been aghast at the deceptions that she had to endure against her step siblings. Finally, when she needed Hwan the most, he turned his back to her, and ended up with the one woman who her own dad prefered: her step sister.

While Eun Sung justifiably was angered at Seung Mi's actions, I cannot say that most girls would NOT have done the same actions as Seung Mi had they been in her shoes. Looking at it from her point of view, and her degree of emotional dependency, she was the one who needed love and support more than anyone, and from her history, never got what she needed emotionally.

That is why Seung Mi's character is tragic, and frankly, is why I sympathize far more with her than with any other character in the show, including her step-siblings.
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Posted 2/24/11
rewatching Shining Inheritance . on episode 23 . Awh i feel bad for Hwan
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