PlZ help find this manga! im dying to read it
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Posted 3/30/09
It was like last year that i read it but didnt finish and i really want it goes like this
a girl with really thick glasses and cant see without them helps these two snobby girls who are i think sisters to this really popular guy. one day the two girls dump trash on her and tell her to take a shower in the guys bathroom, trying to get him into trouble. when the guy walks in, he sees the girl who is really pretty without her glasses and he hides her when the girls knock on the door. later when the girl goes outside, the guy asks to be friends and when the leaves, the girls like"he was a really nice guy..too bad i couldnt see his face clearly"
THE END..sorta
so if anyone can help me ill owe u one big time and i would really really be thankful
Posted 3/30/09
Please use the anime/manga help thread

I can't recall that anime...i think you should try the help thread.
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