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City of Ice
Posted 3/30/09 , edited 3/31/09
So sweet so deep
As lies so sleep
Drowning down
Down, down to the ground
Touch so light
To your delight
As river side beneath the lie
Lies lay deep
Sleep so sweet
Never dreaming
Always seeing
Less then life
No more then might
Lies so sweet
They cut so deep
Never leaving
Forever bleeding
Sinking deeper
Down, down drown
Deep in the sea
Stepping out
The stream so serene
Calm and peaceful
Drowning down, down
Sleep so sweet
Dreams of fleet
Running faster
Faster away
As you slip away
Far, far away
Never seen
But touching the sky
Down you fall
The ground so deep
Drowning down
Down you drown
Falling asleep
So peaceful and serene
Falling asleep
With dreams of fleet
Falling asleep
As you drown your sorrows
Falling asleep
As you take the steps
The ground giving way
With every pressure less
Down, down sleep dismay
Down, down drown away
Falling asleep
Never felt so sweet
Falling asleep
Alas it shall pass
As the waters cover
The ground sinking
Down, down drowning away
The sorrows and lies
That lies so deep
Lies asleep with dreams of deceit
Drown down sleep away
Stepping from the river may
But shall never leave you neither nay.
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