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Top country Japanese hate the most?
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23 / F / over there. XD
Posted 9/24/09 , edited 9/24/09
hhmm.. i just want to say..
i love korea, japan, philippines and all the countries. xD
well.... for me the thing in China is their exotic foods. :))
they even eat human babies. or fetus or wtever u call that.
my classmates said it has been in the news before.
you can watch it in youtube too. About how they cook the "baby soup" i just watched it yesterday
cause our topic in history is chinese civilization....
it makes me sad and makes my heart sick.
but anyways,,
dont hate coutries pls. also dont hate ur country. LOL
we are all humans. hahahaha
Posted 9/26/09

hotarushuku wrote:

hahah that's really funny.

what kind of country makes a hate list? seems like theyre asking for it...

err . You should do some reserach before making yourself seem so ignorant. It's a Polling website, so anyone can vote. The country or government didn't make it.
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32 / F / beNGUet
Posted 10/11/09
why is japan in there? wahahaha
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33 / M / Canada
Posted 10/11/09
why are they hating on KOREANS? or KOREA itself?
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Posted 10/12/09
Korean and Japan hated each other. My country's not there! x)
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24 / M / underwater with b...
Posted 10/14/09
might as well make a list from other countries too.
Posted 10/17/09 , edited 10/17/09
well, Japanese come here to look down at Filipinos anyway. what is most to be expected from them?

anyways, i do get a little idea why the Japanese hate us...

Could be

1. We imitate
2. We don't speak or love our national language
3. Other misc. cultural issues and etc.
4. To their eyes we are simply not ourselves
5. We are not nationalistic to their eyes

Anyways, who cares if Japanese hates us. They may have most of the good stuff, but that doesn't mean I love them most. Many love them because they do awesome most of the time, you know what I am saying. It's not like there aren't Filipinos who doesn't hate them. I am not one of them though. But to find Philippines in the hate list, I am not surprised. Why the fuck would I care?
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25 / F / Wherever i feel l...
Posted 10/17/09
lolz thats a pretty hefty list...but most countries have a list of countries they hate as well I dont really understand why they hate themselves though
Posted 10/24/09
i love that usa went from 6-7
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33 / F
Posted 10/26/09
This is hilarious. Reading all these comments on here. It's making me crack up. I didn't know so many people were ignorant. It's a freaking poll and because of a poll that anyone can vote in people are coming to the conclusion that the Japanese are racist. Okay. As if no racist people exist in every county. Right. People lets take the rose colored glasses off. I am not trying to be rude or anything but I just find a lot of the comments on here funny especially when this is a website that kinda caters more toward Japanese stuff. Yes there is other stuff on here but this site does mainly cater to fans of Japanese stuff. Which is why I am confused at all the hate. LOL LOL!
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118 / F
Posted 11/29/09
wow how did they know Liechtenstein? i coudnt even pronounce it
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21 / M
Posted 11/30/09
who cares what country Japan hates, hate is everywhere as long as we people are alive it will always be there. Because the concept of hate is an illusion created by us, people.
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22 / F / dubai
Posted 11/30/09 , edited 11/30/09
LOL...japanese hate koreans? why is that??? ^^ ... and i dont care if japanese hates my country- philippines...coz it doesnt they say they hate filipinos and say rude sure i'll be pissed off..but, not really, this survey is weird... RACIST.
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26 / M / JPN -> KR -> USA
Posted 12/1/09 , edited 12/1/09
Im Japanese, i love South Korea(lived there for 5 years) but i HATE North Korea...(politically) duh!!

anyway, this topic itself is racist toward Japan lol.

+ you cant say whole Japanese people are racist just because looking at 40 thousand people votes when there are 130 million people who's Japanese..

just like in USA especially in the South... there are few RACIST people out there, there are segregated ghettos, but i know many nice people down here.. (i live in SC) ...
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28 / M / sunny sandy ego
Posted 12/2/09
mexico isnt on the list. im surprised because we get so many nihon tourists every day.
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