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Top country Japanese hate the most?
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Posted 3/11/11
Well in surveys, if you're asked/forced to pick a country, even if you don't have particularly any strong negative feelings, you'd pick one that perhaps only slightly annoys you more than others.

Also, i think the survey reflect's perhaps the older generation only. Most of my friends are friends with koreans/chinese and also like a lot of korean dramas/music/dance etc.
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22 / F / Japan 日本
Posted 4/2/11
wow japan and korea you too need to calm down. The people of opposing nationalities who caused you harm are as good as dead. Stop hating each other for stuff that the people already probably died who did it. And wether they are alive or not it doesnt change the fact that each individual is responsible for his or her own actions, not the actions of those of the same nationalities....
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Posted 4/6/11
damn, ppl need to calm down. Past is a past!!! Stop fighting !
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23 / F / East Java, Indonesia
Posted 5/1/11
uhm... either South Korea or China i think they hate most X_x... South Korea for one because they always start protests and stuff about World War 2 [lots of tension and vengeance there still]. and China.. I don't know what goes on there but i hear lots of political arguments between the two countries.
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23 / F / Germany
Posted 5/1/11
there are barely any people who hate germany
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19 / F / Sweden
Posted 7/29/11


Part 1

1 Korea 72.8% 31112 votes
2 China 9.2% 3916 votes
3 Korea 5.6% 2406 votes
4 Australia 2.9% 1236 votes
5 U.S. 2.7% 1166 votes
6 Russia 2.4% 1022 votes
7 Japan 1.4% 609 votes
8 Liechtenstein 0.5% 202 votes
9 Kuwait 0.4% 171 votes
10 None 0.3% 119 votes
11 Israel 0.3% 116 votes
12 France 0.2% 105 votes
13 Taiwan 0.2% 94 votes
14 Netherlands 0.2% 91 votes
15 UK 0.2% 82 votes

lol, they hate themselves

AHAHAA .________.
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19 / F
Posted 8/15/11
not ALL of japan is bad BUT STILL they hate china? why do they hate korea?
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26 / F / 港区、東京
Posted 8/24/11

nguyenphuongngocha wrote:

rosette_lyn wrote:

where did you get this info? is this a fact?

from sentaku. It's true. They hate Korea the most. They wrote many negative comment about it. Anyway, my Korean friend also said Korean hate Japanese the most.

The fact that we people don't like Korea, it is because....

Posted 8/31/11
Dude, isn't some japanese were originated from korea? I don't know a lot of about asian history, but I'm damn sure that both Korea and Japan did something horrible in the past.
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24 / F
Posted 9/1/11
Holy shit this is interesting! I'm going to show this to my japanese friend and he will think I'm right! haha
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26 / M / USA
Posted 9/5/11

mailine wrote:

why does japanese hate japan?
makes no sense 0_o
i can vote in this

Posted 9/20/11
Wouldn't that depend on who this Japanese person is?
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24 / M / KSA
Posted 9/26/11
one thing ..hating depends on the person not the race... every person has different perspectives and point of views...
so we cant blame everyone in a certain race or country 0.0...well that's what I think
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27 / F
Posted 9/30/11 , edited 9/30/11
Many Japanese originally liked Korean, to some extent before the Internet starts. After the Internet is out, Japanese found many Korean anti-Japan movements out and get to dislike them, such as fabricating Korean culture stealing from Japan, they pretend to be Japanese and make bad behaviors, posting negative comments on the Internet about Japan, fabricating Korean and Japanese history, anything making bad things to Japan and becomes now.

K-pop artists sell well in Japan but they in fact do hateful activities to Japanese in Korea domestically. They now keep making anti-Japan videos on Youtube such as politics, plastic surgery.. For instance they make fool videos to compare Japanese people before and now, about a plastic surgery but many are chosen really bad pictures or chosen different people, even though they didn't do in reality. And even worse some of them are photoshopped..

2ch people was more generous to Korean in the beginning. but now...

I can understand why Japanese hates Korea a little, because if someone keep doing bad things to our country, everyone would get angry against them.

What is your opinion?
Posted 10/16/11
What is this i don't get it my country Burma (Myanmar) is top 45 Myanmar 0% 2 votes. Where u get this information anyway???
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