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Top country Japanese hate the most?
Posted 2/8/13

Louice wrote:

delete this shit, and stop this abosolute crap, you are just starting fights and wars, use your damn brain

If this is the kind of things that started wars, we're all doomed anyway. Fortunately, most people have bigger hearts than that, so don't you worry about it.
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Posted 2/11/13

tendonman wrote:

I’d like to show you main reasons why Japanese people hate Korea.I am a Japanese living in Japan.

(1)plagiarize Japanese culture
Korean people plagiarize Japanese culture, for example Samurai, martial arts, snack foods, Pocket monster, manga, video games etc. And they insist on the origin by them.

(2)Ulinala fantasy
“uli nala” is Korean word and means our country in English. Japanese made it. Some Korean insist that Japanese culture, for ex. Shinto(Japanese religion),Sumo, Sakura,
Sushi, Japanese language and letters, Ninja, Bonsai, Harakiri, Japanese style garden
etc. derive from Korea. And they finally insist that even Christ and Budda were Korean.This is so famous in East Asia and they always laugh at Korean about it.

(3)Issue relating to territory(Takeshima/ Dokto)
  Korean president Lee Myung-Bak insulted Japanse emperor when he visited Takeshima island. At that time even Japanese people who don’t hate Korea got big anger because most japanese respect emperor.
(4)Korean’s morality on international games(football,baseball)
After earthquake in Fukushima Korean football fans showed they congratulated huge
earthquake in Japan. Japanese despised greately Korean behaviors.

(5)kidnapped Japanese
North Korean spy and some Korean living in Japan kidnapped 500 Japanese, some American and Asian in the past.

(6)Asian comfort women in WW2
Korean argue that Japanese army forced 200000 Asian women to be “Sex slavery” for Japanese army. Korean’s arguments are based on just comfort wemen’s statements. But Japanese government and jurnalists have many evidences which Japanese army employed comfort wemen through Japanese or Korean agents. These are articles, ad for application. And as a evidence we couldn’t see the mixed people between Japanese men and other Asian wemen at the end of ww2 because Japanese soldiers prevented pregnancy and they behaved politely and kindly. But actually we can see the mixed people by Korean men and viet nam wemen. And now Japanese know Korean are spredding their false arguments in the world. And Japanese government will begin to counterargue from this year.

(7)Japanese historical textbooks
Korean government criticizes Japanese historical textbooks and insist that Japanese historical ones don’t let students know history correctly. However when Peter Duus and Daniel C. Sneider, Stanford uni. surveyed historical textbooks of U.S.A , China, Korea, Japan,Taiwan,USA in 2010, they reported Japanese historical textbooks tell only facts and doesn’t admire ww2.

articles of recruting comfort wemen

daily chusen in 1942

well written post.
however i think this thread is useless. it might bring more hatred. Moderator should lock this thread.
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M / Fort Bragg, NC
Posted 2/11/13
Why is this thread still up and running?
I'm Korean, and I find this list offensive. I'm sure my Japanese friends would too.
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33 / F / Philadelphia, PA
Posted 2/13/13
It might be offensive, but if you think about it really you could argue counter points to some of these statements.

Sterotypes and racisim are usually misunderstandings and people are too embarrassed or trying not to be rude to mention them, so it never gets talked about, no one can explain whether something is right or wrong, then the information gets passed on without being corrected or fixed by either side really.

But that's just my opinion. I had so many stereotypes and false information stuck in my head about places til I did my own research and re-educated myself.
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25 / M / United States
Posted 2/13/13
YAY! they dont hate Hispanics =] I knew I would fit in Japan somehow. I love the culture.
Posted 3/14/13
I'm a lover not a hater <3

So many arguments. Addressing the history textbook one, most history textbooks are biased, so we might not have the entire truth of what truly happened during WWI and WWII. We might never have the whole story but we could try to form our own opinions and thoughts on why different historical figures did, what they could have been feeling, what might have been there thought process.
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23 / F / Japan 日本
Posted 3/25/13 , edited 3/25/13
Its true though... alot of japanese people, especially the older ones, hate korea. I have heard people that have lived in japan for over a decade say this and ive seen quite a few japanese people complain about koreans on chat. Even talked to one on skype....
He hated them for stupid ignorant reasons, plus he thought that korea hated japan too is that true?

I just want them to get along :(

A girl that seemed really nice was going to be a member of hello project but she was korean and she got so much hate for it from older japanese fans... (T_T) I appload hello project and tsunku for trying though
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26 / F / BK NY
Posted 3/25/13
I shouldn't visit Japan unless I want to get stoned or something like that. I'm Chinese born America so that means they hate me 11.9%

2 China 9.2% 3916 votes
+5 U.S. 2.7% 1166 votes
= 11.9%
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23 / F / Japan 日本
Posted 3/25/13 , edited 3/25/13
Lol i loved how you added up the percentages xD
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Nun Ya
Posted 3/26/13
Wheres the USA???
Posted 8/31/13
Well, it's kinda hard for the Koreans and Chinese to give up on their animosity when 14 of their Class A war criminals are immortalized in the Yasukuni Shrine in a positive light (which several Japanese PM's visited on several momentous occasions), extreme right-wing nationalists deny the Nanking massacre outright, the enslavement of comfort women, and covering up a lot of horrible crimes that lead to the death of between 3-10 million people during WWII/Sino-Japanese War, so that's a pretty big deal they have to admit to.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the Japanese, and the Chinese and Koreans are quite the prideful bunch, but when Japanese government officials (and those involved in media) deliberately deny these horrors and vehemently believe that they are the victims, it's a sad, sad, thing.

A good documentary of this would be Nanking (2007), a special from HBO with events based on Japanese war veterans, Nanking survivors, and the people involved in and establishing the Nanking Safety Zone.
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Posted 9/30/13
My country isn't hated \o/ Not that it matters.

Though I can't help but wonder what they have against countries like Zimbabwe!?
Posted 10/1/13
wow they don't hate my country hahahaha
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26 / M / Canada
Posted 10/3/13
Why must you post something like this?? D: sounds kinda...racist or stereotypical...O_o
After all, it's just all voting and such and we all know that not EVERYONE votes, right? So...there could be a lot less than all of that. So I don't listen/believe things like this, especially if it was all based on votes. (Since voting also is just an another way of getting people's 'opinions'.)
But now that I commented on this, may as well comment...........yosh! Canada is 0%! xD
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25 / M / Dublin
Posted 10/15/13 , edited 10/15/13
This thread should be deleted.

NintendoAndAnimeLover wrote: sounds kinda...racist or stereotypical...O_o
After all, it's just all voting and such and we all know that not EVERYONE votes, right? So...there could be a lot less than all of that.


Aside from that, consider this. Most of you are rational people I assume. Would you even click on a survey of "Countries you hate"?
Of course not. If this were carried out by a government or unbiased statistics organisation, then the "None" would be considerably higher. From just talking to Japanese people you'll find out that 70% is stupidly high.

So please, whoever has made this, delete the thread.
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Posted 10/18/13
Yay, my country is number 4... yay! We should ally with the Koreans and invade their asses~~
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