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MIN HO'S BLOG UPDATE (2009/3/31)
To my fans

Hi everyone. Today will be the last entry of Junpyo's ^^

Today (30 Mar) marks the last day of filming. Nothing is more than complete the filming safely without any troubles. Just now at the filming location, I didn't had this feeling. It was only when the whole schedule ended and after I reached home, the actual feeling of 'ending' suddenly gushed in.

心にぽっかりと穴が開いたようで、寂しくて眠れません(T_T) 昨年、紅葉が染まり始めた頃初めて撮影をスタートし、春が来る今日この日まで、長いようであっという間でした…
My heart is like clouds floating in the sky and like holes opening, I felt lonely and couldn't sleep(T_T). Last year, when the maple leaves just started to spread, the filming started. Until today which spring is about to arrive, it was long yet fast...

During this period, alot of things happened. Frankly speaking, because of all those things that happened, there were days where I hoped for filming to end earlier. However, because of you, because of the people who look after me, while thinking of you, I was able to overcome the difficulties. So to everyone who supported me until now, really, really thank you very much.

I will always hold everyone's love deep in my heart, from now on I will improve even more, work harder in order to make rapid progress.

Please look forward♥

Boys Over Flowers had ended...

source: Lee Min Ho's Official Japanese Blog (
translation: myself (if u want to re-post, please credit and at least let me know :(

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