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Do you dislike crunchyroll now? *read inside*
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Posted 4/1/09
Well come to think of it..

YEAH. I'm staring to hate crunchyroll. But I 'still' like crunchyroll.

The only thing I hate is the removal of the videos >.> but I understand the license holders for that >.>

So yeah, i'm just STARTING to hate CR..
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Posted 4/1/09
i like CR... i visited the forums and videos as well...
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Posted 4/1/09 , edited 4/1/09

tho a lot of my friends started to quit visiting crunchyroll... that's why im the only one left here *sniff* and thats just... sad


i used to visit crunchyroll to keep in touch with friends i met here...

but since a lot of them left, im now here solely to watch animes in high detail provided by the publishers themselves.

Posted 4/1/09

Nussara wrote:

This kind of topic can be posted in the following threads:

Things you like and dislike about Crunchyroll

The Crunchyroll Revolution

Happy New Year 2009!

Drama is BACK (soon)!

You should use the search function before making a new thread.

As stated
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